US Sending Jets To Japan To Rescue Americans, Radiation Getting Out Of Control

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The United States is sending jets to Japan to airlift families of diplomats out of Japan.  Sending a clear message that the radiation is too hot to stay.  The State Department doesn’t believe all that the Japanese government is saying and they want to protect their families.

Meanwhile the rest of the world has warned their citizens to get out of Japan while they can.  The internet was filled with stories of students leaving Japan yesterday after their countries told them to get out now while you can.  Many did not want to leave and hope they can return, but that is very uncertain now.

Helicopters are dropping water bombs on the nuclear reactors in Japan hoping to keep the reactors from having a complete meltdown.  Families of the workers at the nuclear plant fear for their loved ones safety, and think they may not make it home.

This is one of the most frightening nuclear disasters in the modern world.  The wind is blowing out to sea, and they experts say that is good, but is it?  The West Coast of the United States is  in that path.  Will the radiation be dissipated?

Will Hawaii be safe? Will Guam be safe?  These are all questions that the experts are saying yes they will be safe, but do they really know?  Will those of us in Los Angeles experience any problems from the radiation?

Last night on the nightly news, they showed radiative counters all over Los Angeles, and were trying to show that the emergency powers here are prepared to check our skies.  So what?  What are we to do if it does come here?

I think we will continue with our lives just as we have always done, and hope that we aren’t being overly exposed to more radiation than the x-rays we get at the dentist’s office.

No I didn’t find any of those special pills, but to be honest, I haven’t looked.  The news has me convinced they are already gone, so why look?  I mean if I am exposed, I am exposed, the rest of the Los Angeles will be as well.

Remember that song? Goodbye cruel world, I’m off to join the circus….


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