Why Mobile Shoppers Head to Stores: 47% Want to See Items, 41% Want to Take Them Home

More consumers prefer to shop in a physical store so they can see and touch products before making a purchase. At the bottom of the list is turning to sales associates for help. Here’s why consumers say they like to shop in stores:

47% —  See/touch items before buying41% —  Ability to take it home immediately30%  — Take advantage of sales30% —  Redeem offers/coupons22% —  Enjoy the experience (it’s fun)20%  — More secure than buying online11% —  Get assistance from sales associates.


During the Mobile Shopping Life Cycle, consumers use their phones a lot, since with mobile consumers can always be shopping. Before they even head to a store, 63% of consumers use their smartphones to help prepare for the shopping trip. And once they get to the store, here’s how they use their phones, according to the survey…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.mediapost.com

Good reasons that consumers head to stores, but they use their smartphone for research before and during their trip.

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