Japan Apologizes for Dumping Radiation Into Ocean!!

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After dumping a million times what is safe into the ocean, Japanese authorities apologized on Tuesday for their part in putting radiation into the ocean.  So what does an apology do to clean up the ocean?

Now, Japan is issuing guidelines on what is safe to eat in fish and vegetable with radiation.  Gosh, aren’t you about two weeks too late?

I mean don’t you think the health of the world and your people was at stake here a little sooner?  I can’t believe that now you are issuing guidelines on what is safe.  But then, you are only now saying the ocean will break up the radiation too!  Really?  You want us to believe that as well?

Trusting the Japanese government and the Tokyo electrical people is not exactly something I expect to do anytime soon.  This is like trusting the Fox in the hen house.   Only in this case the hens are already loose and the Fox jumped over the cliff with the hens.  No one can get any of them back in and no one knows how.

Radiation is not something you can catch and let it go again, it is deadly and it stays in food sources and in ground water.  No really knows what it does in the ocean!


Tons of Radiation Leaking into Sea in Japan

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Over the weekend, the news was worse than we had thought from the nuclear reactors.  It seems the radiation leaking into the sea is 10 times the rate originally thought and measured in tons of waste leaking into the ocean water.

What is this doing to the ocean water?  How far does this radiation go?  The inspectors in Los Angeles are inspecting fish that comes from Japan for radiation, but are they inspecting every fish?

I am not sure that any fish coming from Japan is safe to eat with what we are hearing now.  They have a crack in the cement housing the reactor somewhere and the iodine radiation is leaking into the ocean water.

This reminds me of a bad Science Fiction movie of the 1950’s where large sea creatures rose from the ocean and took over the world. Remember those? We all watched them growing up and we knew they were not true, but now with this leaking, you wonder how safe our oceans will be?

Mutations of fish is not my worry but cancer among humans is a worry and knowing how to handle our exposure to these fish is another quandary.

Radiation in Milk in California & Washington -Minute Levels?

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Yesterday the news was that radiation from Japan was found in the milk supply in California and Washington State.  One farmer said it is in’t surprising because of the Jet Stream carrying the radiation to the U.S.

Japanese Plant workers acknowledged yesterday through family members that they did not expect to live but a few months due to the radiation levels they have been exposed to at the plant.

Yes folks the worst of our fears has happened, but authorities are saying it is minute traces and not to worry! You receive radiation daily in the air and from plants so go ahead and drink the milk.  I’m not a milk drinker anyway, so it’s okay with me to boycott milk, but milk is in many of our foods.

You see we live in a global community and what happens in one country does affect the rest of us.  Global warming is happening and all the developing countries must wake up and do something now, just as we are seeing from Japan.

We do not live isolated in our own country alone in the world, what we do affects others and what ships around the world and feeds the world can contaminate the world.  The tragedy of Japan must wake up the nations of the world to stop many of the toxic activities that we do and start now to clean up our planet.

I do hope the radiation is small for our sake, but what do the Japanese people do?  Their food supply is being spoiled for decades.  It is going into the ground water, how will they survive?

This is a wake-up call to all nations to look at what we all do, because it affects all of humanity.

Nuclear Reactor Meltdown in Japan?

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Watching the news from Japan and it sounds worse and worse  each day.  Workers exposed to radiation. Evacuations ordered for larger area around  the plant.  Now radiation is seeping into ocean water.  Another large quake rocked Japan over the weekend 6.5 and what is all this shaking doing to the cracked reactors?

Are we headed for a meltdown?  Many experts have said no, but now I am wondering if they are right.  It sure is beginning to look like they might be just telling us what they want us to know but maybe not the truth!

Radiation detected in rain water in Massachusetts over the weekend. Yes it is not very high, but it is there and of course it is from Japan.  So what can we do?

Not much!  I would think the United Nations would send the top experts to Japan to help them solve the issue, but if I were a top expert, would I want to go to Japan?

No!  I would sit in my home, thousands of miles away and give my advice over the SKYPE and stay clear of any danger.

You see it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  This goes to the danger of nuclear power.  I wrote about this when I was in college and I compared the power available at the time, stating that radiation was unforgiving and we had no recourse if there was a meltdown.

Man designed the power plants and yes, we make mistakes, so it would seem that if we are to use such dangerous methods, we should think of alternative methods to cope with the disasters when they happen.

It is beginning to appear that the scenarios of disaster in Japan were never planned for and no one thought this could happen?  My heart and soul pray for the people of Japan for their gentle spirit to overcome these tragedies, but I also can see that humanity needs to plan better for the unforeseen.

US Sending Jets To Japan To Rescue Americans, Radiation Getting Out Of Control

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The United States is sending jets to Japan to airlift families of diplomats out of Japan.  Sending a clear message that the radiation is too hot to stay.  The State Department doesn’t believe all that the Japanese government is saying and they want to protect their families.

Meanwhile the rest of the world has warned their citizens to get out of Japan while they can.  The internet was filled with stories of students leaving Japan yesterday after their countries told them to get out now while you can.  Many did not want to leave and hope they can return, but that is very uncertain now.

Helicopters are dropping water bombs on the nuclear reactors in Japan hoping to keep the reactors from having a complete meltdown.  Families of the workers at the nuclear plant fear for their loved ones safety, and think they may not make it home.

This is one of the most frightening nuclear disasters in the modern world.  The wind is blowing out to sea, and they experts say that is good, but is it?  The West Coast of the United States is  in that path.  Will the radiation be dissipated?

Will Hawaii be safe? Will Guam be safe?  These are all questions that the experts are saying yes they will be safe, but do they really know?  Will those of us in Los Angeles experience any problems from the radiation?

Last night on the nightly news, they showed radiative counters all over Los Angeles, and were trying to show that the emergency powers here are prepared to check our skies.  So what?  What are we to do if it does come here?

I think we will continue with our lives just as we have always done, and hope that we aren’t being overly exposed to more radiation than the x-rays we get at the dentist’s office.

No I didn’t find any of those special pills, but to be honest, I haven’t looked.  The news has me convinced they are already gone, so why look?  I mean if I am exposed, I am exposed, the rest of the Los Angeles will be as well.

Remember that song? Goodbye cruel world, I’m off to join the circus….