How Social Media Benefits Your Business – Blogging Tips

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Using online marketing such as the social media sites to promote your business is one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to advertise your goods and products. Online marketing reaches people from all over the world …

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Good tips for using social media to keep your business on-line and ever present in the customer’s eyes.

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9 Tools to Improve Social Media Productivity | Ian Cleary

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Do you find that the daily demands of social media promotion are increasing?

Our time is our most precious asset and social media is great at eating into it! Thankfully, there are several wonderful tools that can help.

Here are 9 social media tools that will help you save time and improve your productivity….

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This is an excellent article with good tools to assist the busy business owner or social media manager. Thank you Ian Cleary

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Ninth Circuit Affirms Right of Disabled American To Sue United Airlines For Negligence

English: The Richard H. Chambers U.S. Court of...

English: The Richard H. Chambers U.S. Court of Appeals Building, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Pasadena, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





For Immediate Release




March 12, 2013




Ninth Circuit Affirms Right of Disabled American to Sue United Airlines for Negligence




San Francisco, CA — In an important, published opinion, the Ninth Circuit reinstated Michelle Gilstrap’s case against United Airlines for failing to accommodate her disabilities as required by the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). In a case of first impression, the Court agreed with Ms. Gilstrap that disabled Americans can bring state law based negligence claims against airlines, so long as the standard of care with which the carriers must comply is the federal ACAA. The ACAA includes a set of rules establishing how the airlines must accommodate disabled passengers. Michelle Gilstrap is a disabled American who traveled on United Airlines in August 2008. During this trip Michelle Gilstrap alleges that United Air Lines failed to comply with the standards set forth in the ACAA, by failing to provide a wheel chair and other assistance required by the ACAA — by requiring proper assistance in transporting disabled passengers around the airport and between flights.




The Court rejected United Air Lines’ argument that the ACAA prevented Ms. Gilstrap from suing it. Ms. Gilstrap successfully argued that Congress did not intend to preclude disabled Americans from suing airlines when those airlines act in such a way that they injure, or cause further injuries, to disabled passengers.




“This decision,” according to Mr. Mark Meuser, who represented Ms. Gilstrap during the appeal, “is a great victory for disabled airline passengers. It sends a message to the airlines that, throughout the Ninth Circuit, they can be held accountable for their failure to treat such passengers in a manner consistent with the law.”




To see a copy of the Court’s order, please visit:




For more information, please contact:


The Meuser Law Group


Mark P. Meuser, Esq.


(415) 577-2850


(925) 262-4656 – Facsimile




Lindsey Lohan Turns Down Rehab, Wants to Be Public Spokesperson for Drunk Driving!

Actress Lindsay Lohan. Photo by Rafael Amado D...

Actress Lindsay Lohan. Photo by Rafael Amado Deras. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, that is right! Ms. Lohan turned down a deal with the Santa Monica prosecutors to not do Rehab, “I don’t have a problem”.  But she wants to be a public spokesperson for not driving and drinking. Get Real Ms. Lohan, you do have a problem and you are not someone who should be doing any type of publicity about not drinking and driving since you have done it many times and now are facing jail.

I have not commented on her craziness of late, but she needs help.  Do you hear me Ms. Lohan, you are losing your home that you and your Mom have in New York, your Los Angeles home was also taken away because you couldn’t pay the rent. You owe the IRS back taxes and the state of California.  Wake Up! Your drug use and drinking have gotten you here.  No one but you is responsible for lying to the police about driving. You did it.

Your terrible acting in Liz and Dick was done by you, no one else and you are to be held accountable for why you can not get a job in the Film Industry. Showing up late, not showing up, what do you expect? A Red Carpet? Forget it you are not eligible anymore.  You have lost that ticket because of your bad behavior. No one wants to work with you except the Porn Industry.

When someone has a problem drinking or doing drugs they need help. Ms. Lohan does need help, but she belongs in jail this time. No get out of jail card this time. You have lost all of your chances and you keep hurting others beside yourself.  Sober up in Jail, that is what anyone else would get and you deserve to be there this time.

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Children Are Being Killed. Who is Watching Out for the Children?


Image by t3hWIT via Flickr

The News is reporting that toddlers are missing and children are dying! No children are being killed and being chopped up and beheaded by strangers and babysitters and I’m sick to my stomach at the inhumanity of this brutality.

What has happened to our society that we are murdering our innocents! Why are the most innocent being killed by strangers, babysitters and their parents? Is our society so stressed that no one will step up and help?

When I hear a child crying I cringe knowing that he/she is unhappy, but that something or someone may not be treating that child correctly.  We also know that children can be manipulative with parents if parents do not have good parenting techniques and then parents become overwhelmed.

What are we as a society to do to protect these children?  We must pay close attention to warning signs about these children who are at risk.  We must look for children who might become a statistic.  I know I have written about this before, but the crimes are becoming more brutal.

Before Christmas a father threw his daughter out of his car in her car seat into a river and she died. A little toddler disappeared in Maine and now police think the child is dead. A nine-year old little girl was murdered by her babysitter who was watching her and her two sisters while her mother was sick with the flu for a week.

All of this makes me sick. I want to know where was Child Protective in each of these cases? Where were the neighbors in each of these cases? Didn’t anyone think these children were at risk? Didn’t these parents give off warning signals.

We must start to be more vigilant in caring about our children and we must take more care to prosecute these crimes so that the people who kill children suffer to the full extent of the law.

New Year, New You or What You Want to Be?

January 3, 2012 the first day back to work for many people, and for many a new resolution to go about this year as a new person or someone you want to be.

We all start the year off with good intentions, and then many times they fade from our memory. But if you write down what you want in your life and post it on your refrigerator and look at it every day, do you think you will make a change?

Most of us need to be reminded of what we want to be or wish to be, and reminders on the refrigerator, or the bathroom mirror, or on a kitchen cabinet with help us be true to our goals.

Having a calendar and charting out when you want to carry out things and then backing up and setting time periods for those steps to reach those goals will help you.

We all must take baby steps to reach the goals of  life.  Yes things will happen and we will stop or be detoured, but if we keep on our quest, we will get there.

When I was in high school, I wanted to go to college, but I was from a family with five children and no way to pay for it.  But I sat down with a teacher and we looked at scholarships that were available and then I met with my counselor, we developed a plan.  I had always been a good writer, and Journalism was something that had always appealed to me.

With the help of the Journalism teacher, I moved up as one of the school newspaper editors, then I applied to be a high school teen news correspondent  for a major newspaper, then I applied to the second newspaper in our city and was accepted.  Soon I was writing for both. My clips started adding up.  It didn’t happen over night, but I kept at it over the year and went to the Journalism Day for our high school.

By my senior year, I was interviewing celebrities who came into our community and I was getting more experience at feature writing and in-depth articles.  When our school when to the Journalism Day at one of the colleges that year, I entered a newswriting contest at the insistence of my Journalism teacher.

I chose to write on the luncheon speaker and not the handout that was given to us, and that made all the difference in the contest.  He was on of my favorite writers from one of the newspapers, I wrote for as a teen news editor, and I followed his speech that day and took notes.

Evidently, I was the only one who did, and I won the contest.  I applied for a Journalism Scholarship given by the Oklahoma Gridiron Association. (At the time, no women were members)  I remember the night of the interview, when the “Question” came.

“Why did I want to enter Journalism? It is a male dominated field. “

The answer was simple to me, a 17 year-old girl who had just won the news writing contest, I answered “Because, I can write as good as any man”.

They all laughed at my bravado, but I guess I had a sense of innocence as well. I didn’t know about the fighting between the sexes, I just wanted to write.

I won the Scholarship, and that allowed me to go to college and I applied every year and had the scholarship for 3 years until I did not need it my senior year and I allowed others to apply.

We create our new Year, and New You and what we want to be! I did and I have recreated myself several times in my career when it was needed to support my family. Times are tough, but we can do it if we think we can!

Iraq War is Over, Soldiers Will be Home For Christmas!

Soldiers from 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment con...

Image via Wikipedia Last Soldiers from U.S. leave Iraq.

Families have mixed emotions watching the news these days, as they see many soldiers coming home from Iraq with the announcement that the war is over.  Yes, we are glad, but we all have mixed emotions about what will happen now?

Will Iraq remain free for its people?  Will Iran rush in and take over? Will the lives lost be worth it? Many young American and Iraq men, women and children died these many years, was it worth this tremendous toll?  It is too early to write those words.

We will have to wait a few more years and see whether Iraq can stay a free nation and keep its freedom for its people.

Our families who have lost fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, they are asking if the price paid was worth it?  The loss of a loved one is such a great price and one that has no cost to compare.

My heart is saddened to know that many families must go through the holidays without their loved ones, but we must also know that the Iraq people do not have a monster of a dictator ruling over them and torturing them as they did for many years.