Nuclear Crisis In Japan, Rethinking Nuclear?

The CANDU Bruce Nuclear Generating Station is ...
Image via WikipediaThe CANDU Bruce Nuclear Generating Station is ... the largest in the world

It is Wednesday and the reactors in Japan are in critical shape. Headed for a meltdown and many throughout the world are re checking their nuclear power plants.  Isn’t it time to review Nuclear?

I remember doing a paper on this very topic when I was in College and it was a hotly debated topic then, about building these plants and if they could be safe in an earthquake.  Well now we know, they are not safe!!

Residents surrounding one plant in California swarmed the city hall last night demanding answers and wanting it shut down immediately.  These are not sleeping giants in their back yard, they are sleeping monsters with the ability to kill everything in their path.  They have a right to be upset with what we are watching in Japan.

People are buying up the iodized pills on the West Coast after the Surgeon General said it doesn’t hurt to be ready. “Oh great, I didn’t get mine, and last night on the news, they said the store shelfs were bare”, thanks Surgeon General.

If it is my time to go, it will be my time to go I guess, but seriously, I think we should look for alternative power means, besides nuclear: Wind, geothermal, natural gas, solar? Now is the time to look for ways to provide electricity that won’t melt down and become radioactive in an earthquake.


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