Nuclear Disaster on the Same Level as Three Mile Island!

Ikata Nuclear Power Plant
Image via Wikipedia Ikata Nuclear Power Plant

Each day the news from Japan gets worse.  Even the directors from the Plant Operators broke down in tears yesterday when he met with reporters after apologizing for the disaster.

The Japanese do not show emotions easily, so this is serious when they break down in tears.  This means they know that it is the worst that it can be.

Experts have upgraded it to Three Mile Island disaster in Pennsylvania many years ago.  They have upgraded it from a 4 to a 5 which is very high and serious to your health if you live close to the plant.

Last night as I watching the news, I was moved that a whole  hospital had been abandoned with patients by the plant.  This is not like the Japanese people who always take care of their own.

When you start seeing the eroding of what people would never do because they are afraid for their lives, then things are serious.

We saw this in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans when people who were taking care of the elderly left an elder care facility to save themselves and the old people died who were left there all alone.

Basic needs take over and the survival of one’s self wins out over the survival of others which is not the best of humanity.

I salute those Japanese workers who are staying at the nuclear plant and trying to save the lives of the nation, because they are truly showing the rest of us what devotion is in this cruel world.


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  1. i like it Nuclear concussion on the Same Level of the corresponding; of like kind compassionate with Three Mile Island! « michellegilstrap now im your rss reader

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