Chris Brown Melt Down On GMA, Now He is Invited to Dancing With the Stars???

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ABC you perplex me! First you tell Chris Brown he can come back on Good Morning America after he has his major anger melt down with you to do another interview.  You said you did not give him pre-approved questions for the interview.

Chris Brown says that ABC was trying to provoke him and now ABC invites Chris Brown to sing on Dancing With The Stars?  Who Lost here?  The American People??  I’m tired of watching Mr. Chris Brown have his Melt Downs!

I quit caring  about his music the minute he beat up his girl friend.  When he appeared in a movie, I refused to go to the movies and watch it, because he was in it.  I will not watch Dancing With the Stars while Chris Brown is on it!

I do not agree with his Anger Issues.  This is sending the wrong message to young men.  Chris Brown belongs in a long-term anger management program.  Anyone who can thrown a chair through a window after someone asks him a question, needs long-term help.

ABC you are lucky that no one was in the way of that chair. Now you want to take a chance again that this Hot Head, can come back on to your lot and not hurt someone else with his anger? I say get out-of-the-way, here comes Chris… step aside because no one knows what color his anger is going to be in.

When the court ordered Chris to get help, that was a first step, but he needs longer help than what he received if just a few questions can mark a super quick melt down like what ABC received with his chair throwing incident.

A Tiger doesn’t change his stripes ABC. I’m not changing mine just because you want to bring the tiger back. I do not condone domestic abuse or anger abuse and that is what you are bringing back onto your lot with Chris Brown.


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