Nuclear Reactor Meltdown in Japan?

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Watching the news from Japan and it sounds worse and worse  each day.  Workers exposed to radiation. Evacuations ordered for larger area around  the plant.  Now radiation is seeping into ocean water.  Another large quake rocked Japan over the weekend 6.5 and what is all this shaking doing to the cracked reactors?

Are we headed for a meltdown?  Many experts have said no, but now I am wondering if they are right.  It sure is beginning to look like they might be just telling us what they want us to know but maybe not the truth!

Radiation detected in rain water in Massachusetts over the weekend. Yes it is not very high, but it is there and of course it is from Japan.  So what can we do?

Not much!  I would think the United Nations would send the top experts to Japan to help them solve the issue, but if I were a top expert, would I want to go to Japan?

No!  I would sit in my home, thousands of miles away and give my advice over the SKYPE and stay clear of any danger.

You see it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  This goes to the danger of nuclear power.  I wrote about this when I was in college and I compared the power available at the time, stating that radiation was unforgiving and we had no recourse if there was a meltdown.

Man designed the power plants and yes, we make mistakes, so it would seem that if we are to use such dangerous methods, we should think of alternative methods to cope with the disasters when they happen.

It is beginning to appear that the scenarios of disaster in Japan were never planned for and no one thought this could happen?  My heart and soul pray for the people of Japan for their gentle spirit to overcome these tragedies, but I also can see that humanity needs to plan better for the unforeseen.


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