The First Day of Spring Brings a Whopper of a Storm to Southern California!

Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plants 1 & 2 (BWRs wit...
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Yesterday, I thought I was in a Hurricane in Houston all over again as I watched the rain coming down an inch an hour.  The wind was between 30 and 50 miles an hour at times and the rain sometimes was parallel  to my car hood.

Trees were toppled onto homes and cars. Power lines were taken out by trees falling down.  Accidents were everywhere as people tried to drive in the driving rain unable to see but a few feet in front of them.

As we went through our storm, I couldn’t help but think of the people of Japan still coping with their tragedy and fighting off snow and cold as they look for shelter.

I at least had a warm home to go to and food to eat, which might be more than some of the people of Japan now. Some of the food crops around the Nuclear Power Plants has been contaminated by the radioactive waste spewing from the plant.

Yes our storm is over, but the people of Japan are still coping with their storm.  I pray for them every day and hope that they will soon be done with their storm.


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  1. joan gelfand says:

    Michelle! I was caught off guard by the storm – which hit No. Ca. on Sat. – mostly the evening. On the Bay Bridge in my little Prius, I thought the gusts were going to whip my car – and me- right off the bridge! Very scary. But yes, yes, yes, it was a temporary fear and problem compared to what the people in Japan are undergoing. Thank you for sharing the links /updates.


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