Warren Jeffs Sentencing Trail May End Today, Will He Get Life in Prison??

Temple of the FLDS in El Dorado, Texas

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Warren Jeffs, the FLDS polygamist sect leader, may find out his fate today as his sentencing hearing draws to a close.  The jury has been subjected to testimony of abuse of children and listening to audio tapes of rape of 12 and 14-year-old girls.

This trial will haunt the jury for a long time.  Warren Jeffs even admitted in one of his own writings if the outside world knew what he was doing with these young girls “he would be hung from the highest tree”.  What a shame that will not happen, but then if it did happen he would become a symbol for his followers.

This cult, should never have been allowed to become this large and oppressive.  So many women, children and men have been harmed with the activities of this cult, and no one has stopped it for years.  It is hard to imagine that this has gone on in the USA.

My deepest concerns are for the children who are still on these compounds and that steps must be taken to protect them from this terrible type of abuse.  There will be no guarantee that Jeff’s brother, who has stepped up to take over the  “followers” will not continue with the beliefs of the “religion”.

Those of us who live in these states must write to our elected officials and demand that they take steps to protect the children.


Sentencing of Warren Jeffs Shows More Abuse of His Own Relatives!


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The sentencing phase of Warren Jeffs, prophet of the FLDS fundamentalist polygamy sect, sat outside of the courtroom Saturday, as he proclaimed he was God and that he did not want to hear his religion degraded.

His nephew, Brent Jeffs, 28, testified that his uncle raped him when he was 5, and his niece testified that Warren Jeffs raped her when she was 7 years old, according to CNN.  Experts had speculated that the sentencing phase would see more victims coming out  and appearing in court.

The irony of the Warren Jeffs trial is that he has a following of 10,000 people in his church.  This is scary when you realize that many of these “followers” have been indoctrinated with his crazy “religion” since they were children.  They may not understand that this is not religion it is sexual assault and abuse.

Warren Jeffs could be imprisoned for life with just the two guilty charges in Texas.  Many hope this will open the door for authorities to go back into the compound and help the children in the compound.  Social workers who had interviewed the children from the “ranch” cried when a judge ruled last year that they had to go back to the “ranch” owned by Jeffs FLDS group.

Authorities in Texas are investigating that many of the so-called wives are collecting welfare and aid to infants and children who live on the ranch.  Women who have husbands who can give support for the children are not allowed to collect money from the state when the father can be named and offer support.  This may be the way to prove fraud by this “religion” and break up this compound.

Praise for the authorities in Texas for taking these steps to protect the children and to stop the abuses against the children.

Warren Jeffs, Polgamist Religious Leader Found Guilty of Sex Assault

Warren Jeffs was found guilty in less than 4 hours by the jury in Texas on two counts of Sexual Assault on a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old girl.  One had a baby by him and DNA proved that he was 99.9 percent the baby’s father.

Testimony has included tape recorded sessions of Jeffs raping the girls with other members of his flock holding the girl down.  The jury was horrified at the tape according to reporters interviewed on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show on HLN last night.

Veteran reporters and police officers were sick after hearing this tape and the small voice of the little girl saying she was fine and Amen.  There were pictures of Jeffs holding the girl in his arms and kissing her on her wedding day.  There was testimony of how he would instruct the girls on how to prepare to meet with him on their wedding night.

It was plain pedophilia according to forensic psychologist who were interviewed on Dr. Drew last night.  Jeffs only called one witness and that was a member of his cult during the trail.  Jeffs acted as his own attorney, and most of the time, he filled the court-room with religious ranting.

The closing arguments from Jeffs was 20 minutes of silence and then he said “I’m at Peace”,  while looking at each member of the Jury and sat down.

I hope that Texas officials now, go back to the “Ranch” and insure that these children that were returned a year ago are being protected and they are not being raped by other men who are marrying them at the age of 9 and 12.

Thank goodness the jury in Texas found Jeffs guilty.  We will find out if he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Warren Jeffs On Trial in Texas, Polygamist Rapes Children??

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If you live in the U.S., then you know about the  Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It has been portrayed in the cable series, “Big Love“,  it is about a Prophet and his outlandish thoughts on polygamy.

Warren Jeffs is the real leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and he is on trial in Texas for two sexual assaults on a child and bigamy.   One of the sexual assault victims is only 14 and had a child after the forced marriage to Jeffs.  They have taken DNA from the baby born from the assault and Texas officials believe they have a strong case.

Jeffs has been in jail for several years, and a few nights ago Dr Drew Pinksy’s show on HLN, stated that Jeffs had used over $10,000 on his Jail credit card for telephone privileges.  He is preaching sermons over the phone every Sunday from jail.

Using the jail phone to continue to promote this strange fundamental program of forcing young girls to marry men who are then raping these young girls seems like an affront to the state of Texas and the authorities.  I don’t understand why they are allowing this to continue.

The Church of Latter Day Saints has renounced this group and said they are not part of the Mormon religion, and that in part, Jeffs is a cult and made up his own “religion”.  He somehow has received donations for this phone card from his followers, they force young teen age men to leave the “compound” when they start giving the selected men problems.

If you have watched “Big Love” on HBO then you have a sense of what Jeffs’ so-called religion is like. He is the Prophet who took over after his father passed away.  The judge in Texas gave Jeffs the right to defend himself, and of course, Jeffs started to condem the prosecutors in the trail, and the Judge sent the jury out and told Jeffs if he is about to condemn and threaten the jury, he will be sent out of the court room to sit out the trial, according to an article on CNN.com.

If you are interested in stopping the forced rape of these young girls by this cult, you might want to follow this trial in Texas.  Many of the 400 children removed from the compound in Texas were released back to that ranch last year, and they were not protected by their mothers who are just as brainwashed in to this cult.

Someone needs to start protecting these children who can be forced into marriage as young as 10.  This is the U.S. not a third world country, and I’m wondering how the authorities can still release these children to return to this private hell?