Watching Toddlers & Tiaras, These Moms Need To Be Watched by Child Protective!

Last night, my adult daughter and I were watching the Toddlers & Tiaras show and we could not believe this one mother who was convincing herself that her daughter had an alter ego, called Darla, who came on stage and took over for her daughter, whose name was Carla.

I was astounded at this mother who dyed her daughter’s hair while Carla is saying she wants it brown, and the mother is not listening.  The mother is continuing to push this child into doing pageants when this child doesn’t want to do them, she wants to stop, but the mother is ignoring her daughter, Carla and just pushing past any of her requests.

The most frightening part was this little girl, was actually exhibiting signs of a dual personality, not an alter ego, when the little girl says, “Carla is in the car, Darla is here” The mother just continues to allow this behavior and encourages it, instead of noticing that her daughter doesn’t want to do pageants, and she is escaping with this other personality.

I almost wish Dr. Phil had watched this program so he could see it or Dr. Drew, because it was appalling that this mother is completely ignoring her daughter’s personality and making her into another image like the mother.  You even here the mother say that during the program.

The Mom whose daughter paraded like Pretty Woman has decided to take a break from the show and give her daughter some time to be a little girl.  I was so glad to hear that, because these children are being pushed to be something they are not, and that is a model of a doll and not a little girl.


Toddler Dresses Like Pretty Woman In Pageant – Yes At 3 Years of Age!!

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Not sure what this mother was thinking when she dressed her daughter as a prostitute at the age of three but I can think of a better profession to dress up her daughter!

Perhaps this mother wasn’t thinking at all, or else she thought that Julia Roberts was the better role model, not the actual performance she was giving in the Pretty Woman, whatever it was, having a little girl who is three walk out there as a prostitute is beyond crazy.

I’ve heard these parents who are involved in pageants are a little out-there, but after seeing this, I would say they need someone to watch out for their children.  We have watched some strange parenting issues in this blog, but this one takes the cake.

Dressing your child in front of people like this!  Please Let’s stop and think! Have a Reality Check with another Parent before you do this to your Child!.