Lindsey Lohan In Handcuffs Again, Does She Care???

If you missed it, poor Lindsey was in court again yesterday, and yes her probation was revoked from her because she has not been performing her community service at the Women’s Center on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.  It appears she failed to show nine times, and maybe showed up twice for an hour or two, or maybe less and decided it wasn’t fulfilling for her, so she quit.

Seems poor Lindsey now wants to dictate to the court where she goes and what she wants to do for her community service and had found a Red Cross she was “volunteering” for in the LA area.  Her bail was set at $100,000 and L.A. County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lohan that if she wanted to mitigate any further punishment, she should complete 16 hours of community service at the county coroner’s office between now and her Nov. 2 probation violation hearing. (That’s about two weeks away)

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You would think that the court system in Los Angeles would wake up and realize this girl is playing them for all she is worth.  She knows she can get out of jail with a bond, and that the jail is not going to keep her for any length of time, so she is out within hours.  No problem for Lindsey, in and out, the jail door swings again!!

The problem with all Lindsey’s antics is she is not getting any drug treatment and her behavior is getting worse.  She needs inpatient treatment and a court-ordered half-way house or residential treatment for over a year.  Not one where she wears a bracelet and gets tested.  We know that doesn’t work with her and she doesn’t care.  One where she is shipped off to Utah or Idaho where there is no plane to hop on and jet over to Europe and get plastered.

Drastic measures to save Lindsey’s life is what is needed and I hope that someone steps up soon, or we will be having another celebrity funeral soon.


Casey Anthony Must Serve Probation in Florida!

HLN is reporting this afternoon, that a three judge panel has upheld Judge Strickland’s early order and Judge Melvin Perry’s interpretation that Casey Anthony must serve a year of supervised probation in Orlando, Florida. She must report by Friday.

This is not what the Casey Anthony Defense team had argued and the Florida Attorney General had argued that she should serve the probation in the case going in front of the  5th District Court of Appeal.

It is not what the Defense team had expected, but it is what many  legal experts had expected.  Although many had speculated that the Defense might win on this point, it is not what the panel ordered.

Time will one tell what happens, but it is now clear, Casey Anthony will be coming back to Florida soon.

Casey Anthony Must Serve Probation in Florida, Be Back By August 26th!!

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Justice is served Ms. Anthony, you will do your Probation just like any other Con!!!. Judge Perry has served you the order and you must report for your probation on August 26th in Florida.  The Probation Department must keep up confidential records on her whereabouts, but no special treatment.

Judge Belvin Perry Jr. has won his place in the hearts of many Americans when he issued that order today.  The most hated woman in America must serve probation for her check fraud case which she did against her best friend in 2008.  Had her family pressed charges against her, it would have been for more money I’m sure, but no, Cindy continued to enable her bad behavior, not realizing it would cost her Caylee.

I’m thrilled that Judge Perry has stayed the course of what probation stands for which is have a convict monitored to make sure they can exist in normal society and not mess up.  How many of us believe that Casey can not mess up??

I know that unless she gets treatment, she will be right back in jail for her lying and cheating behavior.  I do not expect a liar to change her stripes, but maybe she will quite stealing from others.

Yes, Jose Baez was not innocent when he didn’t alert the court to the error and Judge Perry told him that he should he realize he did not honor the justice system.  I don’t think Jose knows what that means, your honor.

It may not be justice for Caylee, but it will be some form of monitoring for Casey.

Casey Anthony Photos May Be Authentic From Ohio, Attorneys Back in Court on Friday!

CNN is reporting the photos that appeared over a week ago online from TMZ of a woman appearing to be Casey Anthony Anthony in Ohio may actually be her. .

She has relatives in Ohio; she went up there to hide out.  She will be moving because TMZ has found her.

Her attorneys will be back in court on Friday to fight the order to bring her back to Florida to serve a probation sentence upon her release.

Judge Perry was given this “hot potato” when the judge in the original check fraud case recused himself and stepped down. Judge Perry wanted more time to study this case.  Most cases ask the person to serve probation after they get of jail to see if they can merge back into society and stay away from trouble.  Maintain a job, support themselves and not do the same type of behavior that got them into trouble.

Serving probation in jail, is hardly testing them on any of the above elements.  These are the problems that Judge Perry is trying to discover when he asked for more time and set another hearing for this Friday.

Casey Anthony Ordered Back To Florida By Judge!

Casey Anthony ordered back to Florida by a judge to serve a year of probation based on her check fraud case that she plead guilty to against her friend Amy Huizenga.   There may have been a Court Clerk mistake, or a judge order that wasn’t followed or Jose may have not entered the right document, but Jose thought that Casey’s year of probation was served while she was in jail.

The current judge on the case doesn’t read it that way, and ordered that she must be back in the state in 72 hours.  Poor Casey no more fun in the sun where ever she is.  I guess that Hustler photo shoot will have to wait, if she is considering it.

This means that she will have to work out whether she did serve the probation or if she didn’t.  Of course as the costs continue to mount from the State of Florida on the search for her daughter, and from others, this will be good, that she has to return, they can serve her with the costs while she is back in the court room.

Good news for everyone trying to track her down.  Line-up those warrants and stand in line, because when she shows up for court, hand them to her, and she is served!!!

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Lindsey Lohan Not Meeting Her Court Ordered Criteria Again!!

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Just in case you missed it Poor Pitiful Lindsey was back in Court and this time claiming she hasn’t met her community service hours or her counselling for a number of reasons.  One of Poor Pitiful Lindsey reasons for not meeting her counseling is she doesn’t have the money, because she hasn’t been working.  The judge told her there are sliding scale programs she can check out and she has 21 days to get her act together.

In addition, since she hasn’t been working, she really has no excuse for not completing her community service hours except Poor Pitiful Lindsey doesn’t want to.  “What else is New??”

What else is new?  Lindsey is being sued for $1 million dollars by the former rehab worker from the Betty Ford Center that Lindsey attacked while she was in treatment there.

Dawn Bradley, also known by the name Dawn Holland, alleges that Lohan grabbed and twisted her wrist when she attempted to give the actress, who was a patient at the center, a breathalyzer test. The district attorney declined to bring criminal charges against Lohan, according to TMZ.

One report stated that Poor Pitiful Lindsey showed up in court wearing $1,000 shoes, maybe she should sell those so she can travel to community service and pay for her counseling.

Does Lindsey think we are all stupid.  Lindsey is like another young arrogant LA Laker, Andrew Bynum who just got caught parking in a disabled spot this week.  They have money they just spend it on the wrong things.

Lindsey you need counseling for your shop lifting and for how to control your spending so you can get your act together.