Could Caylee Anthony Be Giving Us Signs From Heaven??

If you believe in signs from heaven, then you just may believe in some of the strange signs like lighting striking the tree close to where this precious child’s remains were found the day  the verdict of not guilty for her mother, Casey Anthony was pronounced.  It was like the heavens struck down and hit the tree to remind everyone that this case was about a little girl who died.

This weekend as Casey Anthony was preparing for her “Perp Walk” out of jail, a mother who prepared a sign of protest showed one of the HLN show commentators a poster she made.  It had a picture of Caylee on it and across her face where the “duct tape” may have been placed were red marks as if irritated by tape.  The mother who made the sign said she did not put any glue on that area of the poster behind Caylee’s picture.  She felt it was a sign from God.  This weekend was exactly 3 years from the day of Caylee’s last being seen alive.

Whether it was a sign or not, these occurences are very much remainders that this case is about a precious little girl, who may have more power than any of us realize.  I was raised Catholic and I remember reading many of the stories about saints when I was a girl.  Little Caylee may continue to show us these signs but if she starts healing people, then she could become a saint.

I know it appears out-there to many of my readers who may not believe in this sort of thing, but it may be something we should be watching for as this precious little girl’s spirit continues to shine into our world.


Casey Anthony Shuns Her Mother in Jail House Visit, Her Life May Resemble Amy Fisher’s

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Casey Anthony refuses to allow her mother in for a jail house visit last week.  Even after her mother perjured her testimony to save Casey by lying on the stand for her about the computer searches.  Casey is in control and is cold, cold to her family.  Anyone who thought she was going home, can guess again.

Dr. Lillian Glass has her own take on this in her blog.

The most interesting aspect of Casey Anthony in my opinion is the parallel to Amy Fisher, the teenager who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco , several years ago when she was 17 and served time in jail.

I was watching Celebrity Rehab last night and Amy Fisher was on it and she was doing Adult Films because that is the only job she can get, because people will not let her forget what she did to Mary Jo. Now I do not believe that Amy Fisher is anything like Casey, she  was heavily influenced by Joey and has written a book showing her part in what she did and asking forgiveness.

I believe Casey’s life will be the same, no one will let her forget what we believe she did to Caylee. Even though Casey was not convicted she will carry the burden of the “guilt” of the crime.  I would not hire her, because she lies.  No one can trust a thing this woman says.  Who would want to hire her?

Casey life will be like Hester Prynne in the Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

She will be in court for years from the cost of the searches for Caylee and she will have to keep attorney’s to fight these.  Will Jose continue to represent her?  Why would he?  She will need money so yes, getting money for interviews is going to be on her list of needs, but who will pay for these?

Dr. Glass’s column points out a few and yes maybe she is right.  Good Literary agents do not feel a good publishing house will offer her a book, after the OJ debacle. Even though Casey says that she would tell the “truth” in a book, would it be??

Casey may come to LA and think she is going to accepted, but she is going to be on the outs here as well, because this town doesn’t like people who abuse children or women.  They make a movie of her crime, but they don’t need her to do it, because most of the material is in the public spectrum with newspapers and television news.  No one will need anything from her or have to pay her a cent.

She will be shunned where ever Casey goes, and maybe she can be hired in an adult club where patrons can’t see her or realize who she is, but I don’t see her working in the public where people can recognize her.

Casey Anthony may have won her freedom from jail, but I don’t think her freedom will be anything like what she imagines it to be.

Cindy & George Anthony Are Getting Death Threats, While Casey Release Date is Changed Again!

What a week for the Anthony’s, Casey is found not guilty of murder of her daughter, George & Cindy go home only to start receiving death threats. Casey goes back to court for sentencing and gets time served and is told she will be released next Wednesday, but wait it will actually be Sunday now.

How much you want to bet they pull a Los Angeles jail switch on everyone and move Casey out in the middle of the night. That’s what they do with high-profile celebrities when the press is outside.  The slip them into a black SUV and make them lay down in the back and out they go.

Then when the press shows up the release, the jail says, oh sorry, that person was released hours ago.  With the tensions surrounding this case and the death threats, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what they do.

Bill O’Reilly Reports “In addition, Florida Representative Bill Hager from Boca Raton has introduced legislation called Caylee’s Law that would make it a felony for a parent or legal guardian to fail to report a missing child to authorities. That law should be passed immediately in every state. (Amen)

Read more:

In the meantime, Casey may be set free, but I don’t think she will be free from the legal entanglements she has set in motion.  As I mentioned yesterday there are several people lining up to sue for costs for the search for her daughter.  She may be out of jail, but not out of court.

Cindy might have perjury charges brought  against her if the state of Florida wants to push that angle.  This family has created part of this mess and they will be in debt when it is all said and done.

Lindsey Lohan Swinging Jail Door In and Out Again!-“Absent Mindedness Complex Disorder” Defense

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Just in case you missed it yesterday, Lindsey Lohan was found that she violated her probation and the  judge said she commited a misdemeanor
offense for stealing the necklace from the store after she kept it for 10 days.

Somehow the rest of us would  have been found committing a major offense, but for poor Lindsey, it is “scattered brains”.

Okay, her attorney, called it ” absent mindedness”,  I am calling it “scattered brains”.   It is a new defense just in case you didn’t know that one, so write it down, so if you find yourself in court for something, you can recommend that one to your attorney, I’m sorry, your honor, I was having a Lindsey, you know, “scattered brains day” or  better yet “Absent Mindedness Complex Disorder!”

I love it that she was sentenced to jail and was out again the same day after just a few hours because she is appealing the judge’s ruling’s. Yes that is another trick that we are all learning her in Los Angeles, if you don’t like what the judge rules, just appeal it immediately, and pay the bail and you don’t have to go to jail for another few months.

This is quite the lesson is “Rich Justice” in Los Angeles.  If you have the money and can afford the bail, this is how you play the game of justice.  So, the Swinging Jail Door of In and Out Again is very funny for most of us and we watch this show, and only in Los Angeles could this be played out. 

I only hope that young women and young men are not taking any cues from this “Rich Justice Game” that Lindsey is playing, because very few of us can afford this and it will stay on your record forever.

One  network news station even reported again that Lindsey is still up for playing the daughter of reported mobster John Gotti.  Actually, another celebrity network said that was off the table due to Linsey’s legal troubles.  How can anyone plan anything with her when they don’t know whether she will be spending a year in jail.  She was already replaced on another movie for a porn star, that she was going to play, and this is all due to her troubles.

Lindsey Lohan has brought all of this on herself with her drug and alcohol problems and now her “Scattered Brains” or “Absent Mindness” problem.  I really think late night talk show hosts are going to have a field day with that defense. “I can’t come into work today, I am having “Scattered Brains”  or “Absent Mindedness Complex Disoder”, not sure where my brains are so until I find them, won’t be in.” 

Now really, would your hire someone if you knew they had “Absent Mindness Complex?”  We could add that one to the DSM Diagnostic Manual for Pscychiatric Disorders, filed under Linsey Lohan.  But if it is a temporary syndrome, such as in Lindsey’s case, then I guess it only lasted 10 days, when she discovered the police were going to search her house for the necklace.  Then the case of her “AMC Disorder” was shocked out of her system back to reality.

We can all thank Lindsey for a new excuse to use for calling out from work! 

 (The Absent Mindedness Complex Disorder does not exist, this is my own opinion, and it is a satire, not meant to be taken seriously.  We have all seen how Attorney’s create defense situations for their clients, some work and some don’t.  I think Lindsey’s Attorney is brilliant and she has my respect, but sometimes when you look at situations from the outside you can see the humor in it.)

Lindsey Lohan May Go To Jail This Time?

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Poor Lindsey was in court yesterday again in Los Angeles for another hearing.  The prosecutors have actually offered her a plea deal,  and the judge from what I understand told her that she might go to jail if she pleads guilty. No get out of Jail Card this time.

Poor Lindsey Lohan was told that she needs to get her life in order and get away from people who do her harm and lead her back into addictive behavior.  Really?  The rest of us have watched her downward spiral and saying the same thing for months.  Now the Judge says it.

Maybe this time, Poor Lindsey will get it?  We can only hope that she listens while she sits in jail if she pleads to this charge.  She comes back to court in March and then we find out.  She has had a tough life, and I hope she does get with the right people who help her, she deserves it.