Jury Has The Casey Anthony Case, When Will The Verdict Come In?

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The final arguments are over and the judge read the jury instructions and now the jury has the case. It took a long time to get here, but now we all must wait to see what the jury verdict will be.

I thought the Prosecution final arguments were brilliant, especially using Casey Anthony’s own words to show that she didn’t care about her missing daughter just the number for her boyfriend.  Boy did that speak volumes.  Everyone is worried about Caylee except her mother.  Casey was mouthing things as those jail house conversations were being played about the pool drowning and I wish I could read lips.

Casey, your days are numbered.  Your lying days are over.  Everyone knows you for what you are and no one will ever believe a thing you say.  I felt sorry for her father, George, having his suicide note read in open court.  He was so sad and lonely in that note and he wanted to be his granddaughter.  He was not involved with this coverup as the Defense wanted everyone to believe in opening statements.

The Defense opening statements were gone.  Their closing arguments were all about how the Prosecution didn’t prove that Casey did anything.  All of the Defense Charts and long-winded arguments just put me to sleep. The Prosecution’s rebuttal was brilliant when they went back and said no one was driving Casey’s car but her.  When they showed Casey texting that George had run over a dead animal right before she had Tony pick her up, it showed that she knew her car smelled, and she was trying to pin it on her dad.

Casey was in the corner and the Prosecution didn’t let up, and I hope for justice for precious Caylee who is in Heaven watching over all of us.


Anthony Family Attorney Says Prosecution Made Up Date of Computer Searches,Casey Anthony Trial Prepares for Closing Statements

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Today the Casey Anthony Trial is quiet and jurors have the day off as the defense and prosecution prepare their closing statements.

It has taken three years to arrive at this day of potential judgement for Casey Anthony and justice for a precious two-year-old who lost her life at the hands of her alleged mother.  Many experts watching the trial do not feel that the defense proved their opening statements of a drowning, and that her father molested Casey.

The defense did not have Casey testify so it was their words in the opening statements and they have fallen flat.  Then the revelation that another inmate had her toddler drown and her father found the child,  it become suspect if Casey had stolen this story and told it to her defense attorney.

We have seen many lies in this case. More lies than anyone can count, but the Prosecution showed yesterday that Cindy lied when she said she conducted searches on the home computer for those sinister death searches tied to Casey.  Cindy was logged in at work on the days of the searches. Many of the “so-called searches” were not done at all on the home computer about dogs or hand sanitizer as Cindy had testified, according to the computer expert.

Time Dates show that Cindy’s password was used at work and that entries were entered into the work records for patients for hours from 8 a.m. until almost 6 p.m. on those dates in question that the searches were made on the home computer.

Yes, Cindy’s attorney, Mark Lippman, said last night on HLN that Cindy still made the searches and that the Prosecution made up the dates, well, the dates are Stamped on the Computer, no one made them up!!!  forensic Computer Experts are called in so they can prove when computer searches were conducted, and no one makes them up!!

I find it laughable that an attorney would even hint that the Prosecution made up the date of the searches. It is now more clear to me why the Anthony’ s needed an attorney.  The lies in this case need someone to sort them out and everyone needs protection.  With the Defense hinting that George was involved in a coverup of an accident and involved in molestation of his daughter, he needed an attorney to defend himself against those allegations.

Mr. Kronk needed an attorney because Jose Baez claimed he stole the body and put it there so he could collect the reward, therefore his story was called into question.   Casey Anthony has done a lot for the legal profession in Florida these past three years, many people have had to hire attorneys to fight the allegations.  Let’s not forget, that Jose Baez had a convicted kidnapper on his witness list claiming that George had called him, because he had George’s phone records and they matched the kidnapper’s.

Except the kidnapper did not own the phone when the calls happened, but he had to hire an attorney to protect himself. Chalk up another dime to Casey Anthony case for the legal profession.

Why one could say the Casey Anthony trial may have contributed to a bounce in the state’s coming back from the recession due to the money being spent on the Anthony trial, this is just my opinion.

Casey Anthony on the other hand has had the state of Florida paying her attorney’s all of this time and there have been many of them and many expert witnesses which have cost a fortune.

Everyone is due good legal representation, but I think when you are defending someone who is a known liar, the state should have limits on how many attorneys it has to give to someone like Casey.

Cindy Anthony’s Testimony Was A Lie, Prosecution Rebuttal Proves!

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The Prosecution called a computer forensic witness to show that many of the “so-called searches” she claimed to have made were never made on the home computer.  Then they called her work supervisor who also said she was at work and logged in on her work computer during the hours of the searches on the Anthony home computer.

Did I not say that Cindy testified to these facts to save her daughter’s life? Now we see that she made it all up and it is not going to help her daughter, and it might make her life worse when she tries to get another job.  Not truthful, Mrs Anthony, and the world knows it.

It will be up to the judge to see if he calls Cindy’s testimony into question when he instructs the jury.  Yes Jose Baez showed the world this is a dysfunctional lying family.  Who is to be believed?  Were any of the tears real?  I would like to think the sorrow shown by the Grandmother and Grandfather were real.  Perhaps even Lee was upset over the lies in his own family.

This whole drama is too cruel for most families and perhaps Casey’s real motive was to run away from it all when she took her daughter’s life.  She has not shown any remorse for Caylee’s death, unlike the rest of us who can hardly look at that beautiful little girl without our heart sighing that this precious girl is gone.

What will happen with the verdict?  We can only pray that a little girl receives justice.

Drowning Story by Casey Anthony Defense Might Be Another Inmate’s Truth!

If you have watched this case, you know that the Defense for Casey Anthony came out in opening statements with a story to rival a Hollywood screenplay.  They said that Caylee drowned in the family pool and then Grandfather George found Caylee and helped cover up the accident with Casey.

Yesterday the prosecution learned that there was an inmate, April Whalen,  in close proximity to Casey Anthony’s cell who had this story happen to her toddler son.  Yes, that’s right, not Casey, but another inmate had lost her son in a backyard pool and the child’s grandfather found the baby boy.  Sounds like Casey’s Defense Opening Statements.

In every lie, you can find a small kernel of truth if you look hard enough.  The truth might be that Casey heard about the story and may have told her attorney this story so they would have a defense strategy.  Yes, it is another intricate lie told by Casey to get herself off.

This whole story surfaced yesterday afternoon while the Defense was putting experts on the stand to say that Caylee’s body might have only been in the dump spot for two weeks.  Of course the photo that the expert pulled this theory from was a photo showing the dump site after it had been cleared of the original leaves.  Shoddy testimony to say the least.

This case could not have been written by a Hollywood screenwriter, because they would have said it isn’t believable.  But Casey Anthony is an unbelievable liar.  She may take pieces of truth and weave them together to find a story that will fit her.  Speculation continues about whether the Defense will put Casey on the stand, but with this story coming out yesterday, I doubt they would put her on the stand because the jury has had enough of these lies.

Casey Anthony Bomb Shell Defense Released Yesterday

We suspected that Casey Anthony was going to use an accidental defense, but we didn’t expect that her attorney would weave such a spectacular story that could win the grand prize for top lies.  In  his opening statement, Jose Baez said that Casey Anthony’s father, George knew that his granddaughter had died and that he disposed of the body with meter reader Roy Kronk.  Spin, spin, spin, because he doesn’t have any real defense.

Yesterday was all about planting doubt in the jury’s mind about what might have happened.  What Jose Baez did for all of us was remove doubt that he was a real attorney.  When forensic evidence comes out in this case, they will have no room to crawl out from behind that defense table, so he comes out with this huge story, that only a Hollywood screenwriter could write, or Casey can dream up.

Poor George Anthony had to sit there and hear that he molested his daughter from age 8 and that he taught her to lie and that his son was just as guilty and that they are responsible for her not telling the truth about what happened to Caylee.  Give me a Break!!!

How ridiculous can we get on this?  Duct Tape around the little girl’s mouth and nose has no evidence to drowning in the family pool, and if this story of the defense were to be believed, why the duct tape?  This fabricated story has no relationship to the facts of the case and the jury will see right through it.  What a waste of the tax payers money and time.  This attorney has seen a golden goose, and he is going after it for all it is worth, but the proof is in the pudding and he doesn’t have any proof to convince the jury that his client is innocent of murder.

All the defense did yesterday, was spin a story, so elaborate that it was inconceivable to reality.  I wonder if they had a test jury and tried this story on them?  If I were those parents, I would not put another dime into the Casey’s jail account, and I would not write her another letter.  She has thrown the family under the bus to save her hide and be dame with the consequences.

Casey Anthony Trial Starts Today, What Will The Defense Reveal in Opening Statement?

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Last minute defense moves in this case have everyone wondering what the Casey Anthony defense team will say with opening statements.  Speculation is that they will try to plead it was an accident and Casey got so wound up in her lie, she didn’t know how to get out.  If this is the case, then her Defense Team should have taken a plea years ago and stopped the insanity of a trial and expert witnesses.

This case is one of the worst cases in our justice system, and it is because of the innocence of the victim, it is not because of any people feeling sorry for her mother.  As the months have passed in this case, we have learned that Casey was searching the internet for making chloroform and breaking of necks.  Searching for these two items, sounds like Casey had malicious intent in her heart to harm someone.

Did she overdose her daughter with chloroform and then not know what to do?  Wrapping tape around the child’s head and over her mouth and nose would have suffocated her if she was alive when that happened.  Would someone do this if a child had already died? 

This type of case would be anyone’s nightmare and having to sit through all of this forensic evidence from the experts will be difficult, knowing a precious child lost her life.  Whatever happens today and in weeks to come, I think we will be surprised at the actions of a mother who didn’t protect her daughter, but who may have taken her life, allegedly.

I feel for her grandparents and her uncle who must now hear things about the death of their granddaughter and niece, that no one should have to ever hear.  It will be interesting if we see a mental health defense  comes up for this case.

This is only the beginning, this trial will be one to go down in history.

These are terrible things to imagine, much less to have to be on the jury of this trial.  My heart goes out to all the jurors and their families, because this case will undoubtedly change their lives.