Remember When? Facebook Posts Are Wonderful Ways to Bring a Community Together!

Oklahoma City

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Many of us are on Facebook and have personal pages.  My high school has an Alum page and recently we started a thread discussion Remember When? about the community we grew up in.  Before we knew , many of us were connecting with people we had not spoken to in 30 to 40 years.

The memories of our elementary schools and the teachers and crossing guards, came rushing back to all of us.  Our Kindergarten teacher and the photos pulled from Mom’s who had so carefully stored them for us, were suddenly posted.

Our community, Del City, was a Baby Boomer Community where the Veterans came back and bought homes and we grew up.Our city  we could ride our bikes and visit the grocery store for our Mom’s and wave to everyone on the way home.  We watched every new business that came into the community and we remembered those that were no longer there.

One of the television stations in Oklahoma did a story on the Remember When threads going across Facebook about the many communities in Oklahoma City.  Although, I am in Los Angeles now, it made me homesick for a time when all was simple and pure.  Our lives were filled with going to the Drive-in Sonic and Burger Train and seeing our friends after school.  Life was not filled with the stress  of debts and recession, although, we did have the Vietnam War that took lives.

What we all realized as we came to the end of our high school days, was that we had lost many of our friends over the years, and then the Remember When turned into a Memorial Wall postings of who had passed and left our lives too soon.

If you have not participated in a Remember When? thread on Facebook, I urge you to see if there is one going for your community.  If not start one, and relive the history of your community.  I emailed the current city manager for our community, and advised him that much of the history of the developers and the business owners was now part of the thread for our community.

Knowing the history of how things started and who started them, can help you understand growth and why you and your children need to continue to carry that growth forward for your community and our country.


Casey Anthony Could Go Free Next Week! Facing Lawsuits & Anger!

August 9 2005---June 16 2008
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Casey Anthony stood in front of Judge Perry again today ready to hear the sentence and it was 4 years concurrently for the 4 charges of lying to police officers in the search for her daughter.  She gets credit for time served and that means she could go free next week by July 13, according to some experts.

She may be free from jail, but not free from law suits as the Texas Equisearch ponders a $100,000 lawsuit against her for recouping the costs they put out for the search for her “lost” daughter.  Cindy Anthony called them to come and help search for Caylee.  The Orange County law enforcement is considering a lawsuit for the same thing for recouping their costs for the search for her”missing” daughter.  Jose Baez opened a can of worms when he said in the opening statement that Caylee was never lost, she drowned.  Casey knew where she was all along.  Casey also owes the IRS $68,000 dollars, from 2008.  Must be from the photo rights she sold on pictures of Caylee to TV stations.  She didn’t pay any taxes, now the IRS wants their share.

Okay, Casey, pay up! Oh and let’s not forget the poor woman you defamed Zanny the Nanny!  She has another lawsuit against you.

I follow a very well-known literary agent on twitter an on the Huffington Post, and yesterday he wrote that Casey Anthony will not be offered anything for a book deal.  Why?  Because America hates Casey.  No one wants to buy a book written by a liar about killing a precious little girl.

Justice for Caylee!! Those are the words being echoed across America and no one wants Casey to make any money off from her death. A new law was entered in Florida and in Oklahoma making it a crime for a parent or a caregiver to not know where their child is for any length of time.  They are calling it the Caylee’s Law! If Florida had such a law, Casey would have been convicted  of a Felony of Child Abuse for Neglect not knowing where her child was for 31 days.

Turning Anger into Positive is what we all need to do for Caylee’s memory.  Let’s pass Caylee’s Law across the country and make sure no parent ever gets away with abandonment again.

Tornadoes Remind Us Mother Nature Has Control

Oklahoma City, OK, May 14, 2010 -- A large num...

Image via Wikipedia Storm Shelters Have been Installed next to homes in Oklahoma City

Tornadoes are skipping across the Midwest again and taking more lives than have been taken since the 1950’s.  With the advance warning systems we have now compared to the 1950’s you would wonder why there have been so many deaths?

Most are attributing it to the force of the tornadoes.  They are bigger and wider and have more impact than ever before in the history of record keeping.  Is this the result of global warming?  Some say yes, and some experts differ, saying this weather pattern happens and it is a freak of nature.

Whatever the cause, it is very clear that we have no control when Mother Nature takes over.  The only way to survive is to get under ground.  Growing up in Oklahoma, I can remember running to the storm shelter in our neighborhood that one of our neighbors had.  It was accepted that all of us would be allowed in and that we would all be welcomed as we huddled together as the storms roared overhead.

Fortunately for us, most went over us, and did not touch down in our neighborhood, but we were ready.  When the sirens went off, we ran to the storm shelter.  I don’t know why some people don’t realize that running for shelter is what is still needed?  Tornadoes always win. Humans seldom win unless they are in safe rooms and are below ground. Tornadoes have force and should never be questioned.

Sometimes an inner closet is safe, but when you are in the presence of a F5 or F6 tornado, you will be the one swept away if you are not below ground.  My parents knew this when we were growing up, and when you live in “tornado alley” you know what to do.

My heart goes out to those recently affected by the deadly twisters affecting my home state, Oklahoma  as well as Missouri and all those throughout the South.  So many have lost their loved ones and their homes.

Royal Wedding is Over, Now on to Real Stuff! The Tornado Disasters!

Flag of the Red Cross

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As the Royal Wedding was happening yesterday, and over 2 Billion people watched, many people were still coping with the Real Stuff like life.  Tornadoes in the South have taken over 330 lives and more are feared dead.  It is now the worst natural disaster since Katrina.  President Obama toured it and said he had never seen anything like it.

Seeing the devastation of a Tornado is unlike anything you will ever see in your life.  Once you see it, you never forget it.  I remember the boats going through houses from 20 miles away and canoes stuck in trees. Photos from 50 miles away located and put into an on-line photo album to help survivors put their memories together in Oklahoma. 

Tornadoes have not stopped to ask questions about whether you grew up on the right side of town, they take out the town.  The tornadoes take out whole schools, and city halls, fire departments and the ability to respond to your communities needs.  The Red Cross and Salvation Army will come and they will be the ones to aid the communities left in the wake of the disasters along with FEMA.

The Red Cross will issue vouchers for housing and food so people can sleep and eat in safety, if there are hotels to be found.  Now is the time to give to these two wonderful charities, because they will be the two into the middle of the disaster feeding the workers and going street by street handing out sandwiches and water to the workers.

Unless you have witnessed the Red Cross and the Salvation Army in a disaster, you do not know how great both of these two non-profits can be.  Do not forget these wonderful groups.  They are motivating volunteers from around the country to come into the disaster zone right now to be there and work to help the people affected.  I saw them during the Big One in May 1999, and I saw them after the Oklahoma City bombing.  If I had a lot of money, I would divide it between these two groups, because they really come to the front during a disaster.

Tornadoes Ravage South Bring Back Memories of Big One in Oklahoma

Center of the Del City May 3rd 1999 memorial M...

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As I have watched the news and seeing the devastation for the massive tornado that hit Alabama yesterday, and the many tornadoes that hit the south.   I am reminded of the big one that hit in Oklahoma that was on the ground for over 70 miles and damaged my mother’s house in Moore, Ok. It  was May 3, 1999, a day that changed many lives.

At the time, I lived in Edmond, and my daughter was in highschool preparing for a band concert that night, when the TV weatherman was telling everyone that a “big one” was coming and to get underground. 

Living in Tornado Alley, the TV weathermen are the best in the US and they can pinpoint the Tornadoes down to the streets.

The one that touched down in Chickasha stayed on the ground through the edge of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike, and the edge of southwest Oklahoma City and tuned into Moore, then crossed I-35 and went into the edge of Del City, and then Midwest City and the edge of Tinker Air Force Base, the edge of Choctaw and into Stroud, Oklahoma before it finally lifted back up into the air.

It was massive and powerful and some estimate it had the power of a f.6 tornado which had winds over 300 miles per hour.  All I remember is there was no grass on the ground, or bark on the trees, or houses even left on the foundations, just concrete stairs going up to nothing.

Walking through the rubble that night to find my mother huddled together with her neighbors at the end of her cul-de-sac, was dangerous.  She was okay  but finding her was the beginning of a nightmare that lasted weeks.  She had survived because she escaped into an interior closet in her bedroom.  Her car was totaled, her roof was damaged by a 20 foot steel long bar from the shopping center on the corner of Santa Fe and 12th Street which was demolished that night.

I remember my mom saying her house was gone, but I told her it wasn’t, it was still there, but the houses on the next street were gone, I had just seen the steps left on those.  My mother was never the same after that storm, it was the beginning of her decline and one that lasted 10 years until her death.  I will always blame the trauma that she went through all alone in that closet with the noise of things breaking all around her. 

My mother was a faith-filled woman and she had her bible and her crucifix with her in the closet and she had closed the door.  She was also right across from the half-bath in her bedroom.  She had closed that door to the half-bath because it had a small window.  All of the windows were broken on my mom’s house, glass was blasted into her carpet and furniture and everything had to be replaced.  But closing the half-bath door saved my mother’s life. The steel beam that traveled from the garage through the ceiling of the house into my mother’s bedroom, stopped at that half-bath door.  Another few inches and she would have been killed.

Many people died that night in the Killer Tornado that hit Oklahoma, but my mother survived.  My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in the South and their homes.  Homes can be rebuilt, but the trauma and the memories will always be there.