Girl Scouts Not Teaching Good Lessons About Recycling!

Teaching girls the lessons of a lifetime, Girl Scouts has been in our country 100 years started by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, GA.  Utilizing resources wisely is one of those guides they use to teach girls to take care of the earth.

What was one Council in the Inland Empire of California thinking when they bulldozed left-over cookies into a landfill?  This is not utilizing resources wisely.  As a lifelong Girl Scout I am appalled at this behavior and the fallout that has resulted to one little girl because she brought this to our attention.

This is not a hoax as some have stated on FB and twitter, this is a real life situation and one that needs to stop!!!!  I know how the sale runs, I directed the sale for a Girl Scout Council when I worked as professional staff.  I know what we did with left over cookies and we never put them in a landfill.

This is not a cookie company problem as some have hinted. This was the council who made the decision to put them into the landfill and now they are embarrassed and told the girl she could not contact anyone in her troop due to this scandal. What lesson is this council now teaching to this child? Don’t tell the truth, because you will be in trouble!

Shame on that council for hurting a child due to their mistake.  This is not what Girl Scouting teaches.  Councils are self regulating and have boards that make decisions and staff who know the right things to do. If I were on that board, I would investigate this and celebrate this child’s honesty in bringing this mistake to light.

This particular council did not do the right thing, but let’s not hurt all Girl Scout Councils for their mistake.  Many are operating correctly.  Girls Scouts USA needs to step in and send a team to investigate this. Making the girl, whistleblower, quit is not the solution.

Operation Gratitude in Van Nuys, CA ships many care packages to our troops over 600,000 and they would take any left-over cookies for our troops if they have not expired.  I have helped to pack these  and what goes in are messages from home and love from homemade hats and scarfs needed in the frigid cold.  Anything else like movies and Girl Scout cookies are always welcome from people who can supply a large quantity.

13200 Girl Scout cookie boxes destroyed this is one of the news stories run aboutUS Navy 090108-N-2562S-004 Interior Communicat...

this waste from this one council.  Not all Girl Scout Councils do this, this is an isolated incident and we must not link the whole organization with one council’s grievous error in judgement.

Here is another link to her story


Visting “Our Chalet” WAGGGS World Centre in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland On My Bucket List!

WAGGGS membership badge

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When I was a girl, I was a  Brownie, Girl Scout. One year, we had a young woman who came to our Council in Oklahoma City and showed us a slide-show on International Thinking Day, Feb. 22. that contained slides  from “Our Chalet” WAGGGS World Centre in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts)

After watching those slides and listening to her stories about hiking the Alps, I made a vow to go to Switzerland someday when I was older.

I stayed in Girl Scouting and went through all the levels  Junior, Cadette and Senior, became a leader and even worked for them professionally for several years.

WAGGGS Official Photo

It is one of those items on my Bucket List. Yes, it has been there all my life, and now I must admit hiking is not one of those things I do anymore, but I would still like to visit this wonderful International Center. Even now as I look at these beautiful photos, I am reminded, to hurry up and do this. 

Official WAGGGS Photo from Our Chalet Website

As a Lifetime Member of Girl Scouting, it is one of the organizations that helped shape my life with skills in leadership, event planning,  and confidence just to name a few.   There are many skills, that I remember: working on a team, accomplishment of goals, budgeting and working on community needs.

Yes, there is still a need for Girl Scouting although it has changed over the years to bring  the many differences that young girls must face now in Society.

I urge everyone who has daughters to look into Girl Scouting for  its wonderful benefits.  Most of our women leaders in our society were Girl Scouts or Girl Guides and they will tell you that without Girl Scouting or Girl Guides they would not have had the foundation to develop fully into the wonderful functioning leaders they are today.