Could Caylee Anthony Be Giving Us Signs From Heaven??

If you believe in signs from heaven, then you just may believe in some of the strange signs like lighting striking the tree close to where this precious child’s remains were found the day  the verdict of not guilty for her mother, Casey Anthony was pronounced.  It was like the heavens struck down and hit the tree to remind everyone that this case was about a little girl who died.

This weekend as Casey Anthony was preparing for her “Perp Walk” out of jail, a mother who prepared a sign of protest showed one of the HLN show commentators a poster she made.  It had a picture of Caylee on it and across her face where the “duct tape” may have been placed were red marks as if irritated by tape.  The mother who made the sign said she did not put any glue on that area of the poster behind Caylee’s picture.  She felt it was a sign from God.  This weekend was exactly 3 years from the day of Caylee’s last being seen alive.

Whether it was a sign or not, these occurences are very much remainders that this case is about a precious little girl, who may have more power than any of us realize.  I was raised Catholic and I remember reading many of the stories about saints when I was a girl.  Little Caylee may continue to show us these signs but if she starts healing people, then she could become a saint.

I know it appears out-there to many of my readers who may not believe in this sort of thing, but it may be something we should be watching for as this precious little girl’s spirit continues to shine into our world.

Defense Rests Without Casey Testifying, She Smirked at Her Father’s Pain Yesterday!!

What a long time coming and speculation continued to the last minute when the Judge asked Casey if she understood she could testify, but she said she was not.  Yea! The defense rested and now the Prosecution is calling their rebuttal witnesses.

This will be interesting to see who they call to show that Jose did not do his homework.  The testimony from the Anthony family about the burial of pets, was really to show that they may have used blankets and plastic bags and duct tape to bury pets.  So this is because Caylee was buried this way???

A far fetch if you ask me.  Many of us have buried our pets in many ways, but we do not bury our family members the same way.  At least if you love your family member, you have a professional funeral for them.  This shows that Caylee was not loved in the way that most of us would bury a family member, if Casey threw her away.

Yesterday, when George was crying about his suicide attempt and wanting to be with Caylee, he left the stand and Casey had a smirk on her face as her father walked by.  How cold and manipulative.  It was as if she had won and hurt her family the way she wanted to.

Casey may not realize that many in the court saw that smirk and it was terrifying to say the least. She has cooked her goose as far as my opinion is concerned.

Cindy Anthony’s Testimony is it Purjury Or a Desperate Mother Trying to Save Her Dauther’s Life?

Yesterday, Cindy Anthony’s testimony about the computer searches was a major bombshell for the Defense in the Casey Anthony Trial.  She is now claiming that she was searching the computer for chloroform.  Previously the Prosecution had introduced Cindy’s work records which showed she was at work that day during the hours the computer was searched.

But when asked why she would be home instead of work, Cindy claimed she went home early a few days during that period.

The Prosecution was not happy and tried to get Cindy to admit that she might have been at work and not at home.  This is an interesting turn of events, considering that the Prosecution can call witnesses to verify where Cindy was on this day.

Personally, I think Cindy is trying to show the Casey did not premeditated murder with these searches.  Raising doubt in the juror’s minds is what the Defense is trying to do, and Cindy just jumped right in yesterday.

Some experts believe that Cindy may have committed perjury!  If this is true, would the state pursue that charge?  Hard to know since it appears Cindy is trying to take the blame for things her daughter may have done.  Is it the truth?  If not, then we know maybe where Casey developed her lying.

This is so sad for Cindy to do this at this time, because many see it for what it is, a drastic step to save her daughter’s life.

In another twist, the Anthony attorney, Mark Lippman released another statement saying his words had been taken out of  context about the Anthony’s not believing their daughter was guilty.  CNN reports that the original reporter on the story had asked Lippman what was taken out of context?  Lippman could not point to exactly what was reported incorrectly.  Sounds like lawyer double speak to me.

We shall see if Lippman is in trouble for his statement as the days go on, but maybe he should have kept his mouth shut instead of making any comment about his clients.

Casey Anthony Trial Shuts Down Due to Defense Witnesses Not Ready

The Judge in the Casey Anthony Trial shut it down when Jose Baez revealed he did not have a witness to bring forth on Monday after two of his witnesses were not allowed to testify.

It appears that Jose Baez is playing fast and loose with the rules of the court and he got his hands slapped on Friday, Saturday and now today because he is not following the rules of evidence with the Prosecution.  I think he was watching too much Perry Mason when he grew up.  That’s just for TV Jose, it is not real.

This is not the first time that Jose has not played by the rules, it seems he didn’t pay his child support either and was denied admittance into the bar until he brought his support current.  Rules are rules Jose, and you are not exempt, you must watch what the Judge says, or a mistrial may be ordered.  If that happens and it is Jose’s fault, you can be sure that Casey Anthony will be looking for a whole new defense team.

It will be interesting tomorrow to see if Jose has learned his lessons and starts playing by the rules.  Court is ordered back in session at 9 a.m.

Prosecution Rests, Defense Take Over in Casey Anthony Trial!

The Prosecution finished their arguments yesterday with the tattoo artist as their last witness.  This is the artist who gave Casey her “Belle Vita”, Italian for “Beautiful Life”.  The artists said Casey did not mention her daughter was missing or was dead and that she was happy and even paid for a pizza party at the tattoo parlor. 

Casey has not shown that she has ever grieved for her daughter.  Even when they played the 911 call in court, her voice has no modulation when she is talking about her missing daughter, but she raises her voice when she mentions her car is missing.  Her car meant more to her than her daughter.

The Defense has already tried to have the case dismissed this morning in court saying that the Prosecution has not shown that Casey was directly tied to murder.  Dr. “G”  testified that no child who drowned would need to have duct tape around her face  3 times.  Dr. “G” testified that no child who had an accident would need to be tossed into a garbage bag and left in a field to rot.

Well maybe in the Defense’s eyes, the Prosecution didn’t show that Casey was tied to murder, but all the evidence does.  The Jury is just like the rest of us, they have children and grandchildren and they are going to wonder why Casey didn’t report her daughter had an “accident” if she drowned.  Most parents would call 911 and try to revive the child hoping that the child had not died.

This is one of the most interesting cases in recent history and it is because of Casey who has not shown concern for her daughter’s life that makes this way and the family dynamics of her family.  We shall see what the judge decides today about the dismissal of the case.

Prosecution Will Wrap Testimony This Week, Defense Might Begin in Casey Anthony Trial

Beware of Duct Tape

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This is the fourth week of the Casey Anthony Trial and the Prosecutors have very few witnesses left to call.  The Defense may begin their witnesses this week.  Last week, the Prosecution showed  what they believe is the real manner in which they think Caylee died, from the use of chloroform and then duct tape that may have caused suffocation.

The Defense of course challenged everything and continued to call for a mistrial throughout the week.  Is Jose Baez calling for a mistrial because he doesn’t have any real defense? 

Using duct tape over precious Caylee’s nose and mouth would have cut off her ability to breath and get oxygen.  There is no reason to put duct tape over her mouth and nose if she drowned by accident.  Dr. Garavaglia,  “G”, testified that in her years of conducting autopsies you don’t see parents concealing a drowning.  You don’t see parents putting duct tape over a child’s mouth and nose accidentally, and you don’t see a child’s body thrown away like trash in an accident.

Dr.”G” may be the best witness for the Prosecution.  She has a television program on the Discovery Channel for years.  I have enjoyed watching her program, because she is one of the most thorough medical examiners I have ever seen on television.  She doesn’t leave anything to chance.

Once again, if it was an accident, why would a concerned parent try to hide the body? Dr. “G” said that when you see a body in a bag and tossed in a field it is trying to be hidden and suggests homicide.  Although she did not say exactly how Caylee died, the evidence is beginning to speak for itself.

Saturday’s testimony centered on the flies in the trunk and larvae from those flies.  Prosecution witnesses said  the evidence  suggests  that a body was in the trunk for 3 to 5 days.  The heat in Florida and the moisture would have sped up the decomposition of the body.

What I think will be most telling is if the Prosecution brings in Casey’s cell phone pings off from cell towers where the body was found.  This testimony will be the most interesting in determining where Casey was during the time that body of Caylee  may have been  dumped.  Watching how this evidence all fits together is a puzzle but it may be the last piece to close the door on Casey Anthony.  What will happen in this trial by the Defense is yet to be seen, but Jose has a large mountain of evidence to overcome for his client.

Caylee’s Remains Shown to Jury, Casey Leaves Court Sick!

Precious Caylee Anthony was seen yesterday as no one should ever see a child, as a skull with duct tape around it in a wooded area surrounded by garbage.  Her mother, Casey, started hyperventilating and having dry heaves and had to leave the Court Room.  Court was dismissed early by the judge.

In another strange twist her brother, Lee, took the stand and told the story about Zanny the Nanny meeting up with Casey at a park in Florida with her sister and holding Casey down while they took Caylee from her.  Lee said his sister, told him, Casey said they took Caylee because she was not a good mother.  The same words that Cindy Anthony had said to her.  Is there any truth here? 

We know that Zanny was never a real person but that Cindy and Casey did have a fight and  that Casey told a friend Cindy told her that she was not a good mother.  I do not believe there was anything that happened at this park.  Another lie from Casey.

What I believe happened yesterday with Casey was she became anxious with the showing of Caylee’s remains and that the reality of what she may have done has hit her square in the face yesterday.  There may have been gasps and sounds in the courtroom that indicated the terrible sight of this precious child’s remains to the jurors.

The testimony from the experts of how they found the skull and the duct tape over the mouth and the nose was very descriptive.  You are left with haunting questions about what this little girl went through before she died.  Anger grabs at you heart to know that someone could harm this innocent little girl in this way.  Casey may have felt this anger from the courtroom yesterday and had to leave.

We will see however if the judge allows too many of these outbursts from Casey to disrupt court.  Is it an act or was it real?  She is a good actress, but yesterday may have been too much for many people to take. This is a death penalty case, and if she needed to leave so be it, but I doubt that the judge will allow her to dictate his court.

If I was in that courtroom yesterday, I believe I would have been sick, just thinking about it fills me with sadness and anger. My heart goes out to the family who have to know that the world is in their lives and looking at the remains of their precious child.

Prayers to Caylee and to the jurors who must sit there and hear about this terrible crime.

Cindy Anthony Breaks Down on Stand, Casey Sits Stoically!

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Yesterday Cindy Anthony, mother of Casey, grandmother of Caylee, broke down in tears as she heard her own words on the 911 calls while she was on the stand.  Casey sat there barely moving while her mother was wracked with pain and anguish.  How can a daughter not feel the pain of her mother?

Everyone in the courtroom was affected by the anguish that Cindy Anthony was feeling yesterday except her daughter, the mother of the child who died.  This spoke volumes  to the jury.  When Casey can sit there and have no tears for her own mother, unless it was about her, then you would see a small tear now and then, it makes you wonder if she can really feel any empathy for another person?

If I were her lawyer, and I’m not an attorney, I would be wishing my client showed some emotions.  This woman has a heart tuned to coal if she can sit there watching her own mother in such pain, and not even show an emotion.  I do not know how the jury can have sympathy for her?

Many of the news commentators on HLN were talking about as well.  You know the jury must be sitting there wondering the same thing.  Any normal human being would be in tears watching the anguish of this grandmother, but not Casey.

This family tragedy is worse than anything Shakespeare could have ever written.  This modern tragedy is frightening and I hope it is not something that we see very often.  My heart and prayers go out to that family who is suffering through this trial.

Casey Anthony Bomb Shell Defense Released Yesterday

We suspected that Casey Anthony was going to use an accidental defense, but we didn’t expect that her attorney would weave such a spectacular story that could win the grand prize for top lies.  In  his opening statement, Jose Baez said that Casey Anthony’s father, George knew that his granddaughter had died and that he disposed of the body with meter reader Roy Kronk.  Spin, spin, spin, because he doesn’t have any real defense.

Yesterday was all about planting doubt in the jury’s mind about what might have happened.  What Jose Baez did for all of us was remove doubt that he was a real attorney.  When forensic evidence comes out in this case, they will have no room to crawl out from behind that defense table, so he comes out with this huge story, that only a Hollywood screenwriter could write, or Casey can dream up.

Poor George Anthony had to sit there and hear that he molested his daughter from age 8 and that he taught her to lie and that his son was just as guilty and that they are responsible for her not telling the truth about what happened to Caylee.  Give me a Break!!!

How ridiculous can we get on this?  Duct Tape around the little girl’s mouth and nose has no evidence to drowning in the family pool, and if this story of the defense were to be believed, why the duct tape?  This fabricated story has no relationship to the facts of the case and the jury will see right through it.  What a waste of the tax payers money and time.  This attorney has seen a golden goose, and he is going after it for all it is worth, but the proof is in the pudding and he doesn’t have any proof to convince the jury that his client is innocent of murder.

All the defense did yesterday, was spin a story, so elaborate that it was inconceivable to reality.  I wonder if they had a test jury and tried this story on them?  If I were those parents, I would not put another dime into the Casey’s jail account, and I would not write her another letter.  She has thrown the family under the bus to save her hide and be dame with the consequences.

Casey Anthony Case Gets Under Way in Florida

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...

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For two years we have heard about the death of a 2-year old toddler, Caylee Anthony at the still to be proven hands of her mother, Casey.  Circumstantial evidence has been released on this case of the century as the months have gone by and this mother looks very strange as compared to most mothers.  First she doesn’t call the police when her daughter goes missing, instead she continues to party like there is no tomorrow with her friends.

She doesn’t tell her parents that their beloved grandchild is missing, she just keeps partying with her friends.  It takes her Casey’s mother, Cindy, 30 days to finally contact her and then discovered her car, which smelled like a dead body had been it, parked not far away. 

 Of course the grandmother, Cindy Anthony says all of this to the police and now will be called as a witness against her daughter, Casey.

Then there are the computer searches on the family computer for broken necks, and a deadly gas that can be made at home. 

Then the mother, Casey makes up some wild story about a babysitter who never existed taking her daughter and leads the police on a wild goose chase over places the mother hasn’t worked in over 2 years while they search for her daughter.  The poor child, Caylee’s body is finally found and there is duct tape over her mouth and nose with a red heart sticker over the mouth.  One just likeheart stickers that the little girl had in her bedroom at her grandparent’s home.

I must say when you look at the circumstantial evidence of this case, it sure does look like the mother is cold, calculating and may have done this terrible crime to her daughter.  I am just glad I am not on this jury, because I have already made my mind up about this mother, and I think she may have killed her daughter as spite to get back at her own mother. Casey refused to see her own mother, Cindy on Mother’s day when she went to the jail on Sunday to visit her, but her mother still put money into Casey jail account. 

I would have left that jail account empty if my daughter had refused to see me the night before the worst trial of her life.  Casey Anthony has no heart when it comes to feelings for her parents or her daughter and it is apparent she only cares about herself.