Japan Apologizes for Dumping Radiation Into Ocean!!

Greater Tokyo Area is the world's most populou...

Image via Wikipedia Greater Tokyo Area

After dumping a million times what is safe into the ocean, Japanese authorities apologized on Tuesday for their part in putting radiation into the ocean.  So what does an apology do to clean up the ocean?

Now, Japan is issuing guidelines on what is safe to eat in fish and vegetable with radiation.  Gosh, aren’t you about two weeks too late?

I mean don’t you think the health of the world and your people was at stake here a little sooner?  I can’t believe that now you are issuing guidelines on what is safe.  But then, you are only now saying the ocean will break up the radiation too!  Really?  You want us to believe that as well?

Trusting the Japanese government and the Tokyo electrical people is not exactly something I expect to do anytime soon.  This is like trusting the Fox in the hen house.   Only in this case the hens are already loose and the Fox jumped over the cliff with the hens.  No one can get any of them back in and no one knows how.

Radiation is not something you can catch and let it go again, it is deadly and it stays in food sources and in ground water.  No really knows what it does in the ocean!


Japan Braces For Nuclear Meltdown

Tsunami wall at Tsu-shi, Japan

Image via Wikipedia Tsunami wall at Tsu-shi, Japan

Japan hit by the worst earthquake in 100 years that moved the country 8 feet, then a 23 foot Tsunami and now a possible nuclear Meltdown from its reactors.

Food shortages, water shortages, rescues need to be made from people on top of collapsed homes, and more devastating news about possible radiation leaking.

When we talk about things being bad in our lives, take a moment and think about the people in Japan. They are barely hanging on to life, we have nothing in our lives to even compare to what they are coping with minute to minute.

In my Toastmasters4Writers club, one of my members, Laura Crockett, a gifted writer,  likes to point out how we all use words that are often misused.

Yesterday, she pointed out that we can not imagine the devastation of Japan.  Hawaii  and Crescent City  had some damage, but their damage was minor compared to Japan.

As writers, it is our mission to use the proper words to correctly describe situations. Japan is a historic disaster, that will take years  maybe decades to over come.  Hawaii’s loss might take a few months, and Crescent City a year or two, but Japan’s loss is immense.

My heart and prayers are still with the Japanese people as they struggle to meet their horrendous challenges.

I hope that all the nations send help to them and to New Zealand who also experienced a devastating earthquake one year  to the day from the one that hit Christchurch that destroyed their community.

For those of us here in the United States, we can not comprehend this devastation, but we can give and pray for those who are in the midst of coping with life in a tragedy.