Anthony Family Attorney Says Prosecution Made Up Date of Computer Searches,Casey Anthony Trial Prepares for Closing Statements

August 9 2005---June 16 2008

Image by CHARMERS ❤'S LILY ROSE via Flickr

Today the Casey Anthony Trial is quiet and jurors have the day off as the defense and prosecution prepare their closing statements.

It has taken three years to arrive at this day of potential judgement for Casey Anthony and justice for a precious two-year-old who lost her life at the hands of her alleged mother.  Many experts watching the trial do not feel that the defense proved their opening statements of a drowning, and that her father molested Casey.

The defense did not have Casey testify so it was their words in the opening statements and they have fallen flat.  Then the revelation that another inmate had her toddler drown and her father found the child,  it become suspect if Casey had stolen this story and told it to her defense attorney.

We have seen many lies in this case. More lies than anyone can count, but the Prosecution showed yesterday that Cindy lied when she said she conducted searches on the home computer for those sinister death searches tied to Casey.  Cindy was logged in at work on the days of the searches. Many of the “so-called searches” were not done at all on the home computer about dogs or hand sanitizer as Cindy had testified, according to the computer expert.

Time Dates show that Cindy’s password was used at work and that entries were entered into the work records for patients for hours from 8 a.m. until almost 6 p.m. on those dates in question that the searches were made on the home computer.

Yes, Cindy’s attorney, Mark Lippman, said last night on HLN that Cindy still made the searches and that the Prosecution made up the dates, well, the dates are Stamped on the Computer, no one made them up!!!  forensic Computer Experts are called in so they can prove when computer searches were conducted, and no one makes them up!!

I find it laughable that an attorney would even hint that the Prosecution made up the date of the searches. It is now more clear to me why the Anthony’ s needed an attorney.  The lies in this case need someone to sort them out and everyone needs protection.  With the Defense hinting that George was involved in a coverup of an accident and involved in molestation of his daughter, he needed an attorney to defend himself against those allegations.

Mr. Kronk needed an attorney because Jose Baez claimed he stole the body and put it there so he could collect the reward, therefore his story was called into question.   Casey Anthony has done a lot for the legal profession in Florida these past three years, many people have had to hire attorneys to fight the allegations.  Let’s not forget, that Jose Baez had a convicted kidnapper on his witness list claiming that George had called him, because he had George’s phone records and they matched the kidnapper’s.

Except the kidnapper did not own the phone when the calls happened, but he had to hire an attorney to protect himself. Chalk up another dime to Casey Anthony case for the legal profession.

Why one could say the Casey Anthony trial may have contributed to a bounce in the state’s coming back from the recession due to the money being spent on the Anthony trial, this is just my opinion.

Casey Anthony on the other hand has had the state of Florida paying her attorney’s all of this time and there have been many of them and many expert witnesses which have cost a fortune.

Everyone is due good legal representation, but I think when you are defending someone who is a known liar, the state should have limits on how many attorneys it has to give to someone like Casey.