Accommodate Older Workers

Accommodate Older Workers may be more necessary in certain locations in the U.S. where education is lagging behind. Having older workers gives the company stability and experience that can not be found anywhere else. A few adjustments and the Company wins in many ways.

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Corporate workforces are aging. Some companies have made strides to adapt, and they have seen improvements in retention and productivity, organizational culture, and the bottom line.

Don’t fall behind. Use these practices to accommodate your older workers:

  • Flexible retirement. Give employees the option of working part-time. You retain experienced, talented employees and they get a flexible schedule and a paycheck.
  • Creating new positions or adapting old ones. Retrain older employees for jobs that better suit their current needs and skills. For example, can you transition an older worker out of a physically taxing role and into a training position? Could a long-time cashier move to customer service?
  • Changing workplace ergonomics. Companies should adapt for those who need extra support. Inexpensive tweaks like custom shoes and easier-to-read computer screens can make a huge difference.

Adapted from “ Four Ways to Adapt to an Aging Workforce” by Michael North and Hal Hershfield

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