Presenting The Final Four Contenders For Worst Company In America 2014

This is the time to cast your vote for the worst company in America. SeaWorld for harboring and causing the death of many marine mammals ranks high on many people’s list. Read and cast your vote.


2014wciabracketqfinals2 Can it be? Has there really been so much bloodshed is so little time? It seems like only yesterday when the field of contenders stood before you at the opening ceremonies, waving their logo flags while proudly sporting their WCIA sweaters that Ralph Lauren’s distant cousin Kevin designed especially for the occasion. Now the industrial grade carpeting of the Worst Company Padded Playroom is stained with… well, you don’t actually want to know what all is in there; don’t worry, our friend Terry got us a good deal on a cleaning service and you’d be surprised what a well-placed area rug can cover. But back to more pressing matters…

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