Content Curation: 10 Tips To Help You Curate Ethically

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Excerpt from the article by Pawan Deshpande and published on Content Marketing Institute:
“Many content curators are still unsure about what constitutes ethical curation, and how they can share third-party content without running afoul of copyright laws.
Here’s our 10-step checklist to help you curate ethically and effectively.

1. Draw from a variety of sources;
2. Prominently link to the original source;
3. Avoid “nofollow” links;
4. Quote sparingly;
5. Insert your own point of view;
6. Fill in the gaps;
7. Use thumbnail images;
8. Give readers the option to close an iFrame or share bar;
9. Add a new title;
10. Claim Google authorship, as appropriate…”

Each step is analyzed with more information. Read full original article here:


Michelle Gilstrap‘s insight:

Excellent steps to look at how you are doing Content Curation.

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