YouSendIt Changes Its Name To Hightail As It Aims To Become Known For More Than Just Storage

Many of us have used YouSendIt, but we now may want to explore it

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YouSendIt has accumulated some 43 million users since it was founded back in 2004, with a straightforward name and a straightforward mission of helping people store and send data on the web.

Thanks to a rebrand occurring today, those millions of users are about to have to learn a new name for their service. Out with YouSendIt, and in with Hightail.

The folks at YouSendIt/Hightail say the change is happening because the pioneering file sharing company has actually evolved its offerings to go beyond its core “sending” capabilities, through some smart acquisitions as well as through organic product development. The brand new name is meant to fit its modern identity. hightail

The name change is just the latest in a series of big moves that have been occurring at YouSendIt/Hightail under the leadership of Brad Garlinghouse, who took the helm at the company as CEO just over…

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