Rest In Peace ,Libdrone, Alan Jobe, My Creative Friend, My Bear!

Colorful homes in New Orleans, 2001, from Cont...

Colorful homes in New Orleans, 2001, from Conti Street, looking riverwards from Royal Street. Entrance to Exchange Alley is just past the yellow building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Facebook post that Alan Jobe passed away 3/25/13 of a stroke at 7:50 PST.
I know he told me a lot how he loved having so many friends on here, posted by his significant partner, but felt by those of us who knew him  on Empire Ave and through his blog much more. Tears immediately began and they have not stopped. It is like I lost a member of my family, he touched my heart and touched my creative spirit so deep.


Alan was  fun, he was quirky, and to the point, but he was creative, oh God he was creative. He would take 3 words and put a blog together to rival the Gods. Yes, He was one in a million. Yes Alan you were. You were one to make all of us wonder how you found the energy to put those words together in a wonderful array of splendor.


The back ground photos you would search the internet to find just the right ones. I loved going to your blog.  I will miss your creative spirit that made me wonder where you found those great stories each week.  Coming from New Orleans, you gave us the history of many great recipes, oh the food, you gave us.


You are like a great Uncle who has left our family Alan and a void has opened and now we do not know how to fill that void.  Please show us what to put into that void.


How does one equate Social Media and blogging to a friendship that brings tears? I can not say!I can only say that you touched my heart to a feeling that no one has for a long time and I will miss you Alan for you opened a wonderful friendship for me and I will miss our banter and carefree wordsmiths and may you and Saint Peter have fun with your three words Alan, because I will miss you!



18 thoughts on “Rest In Peace ,Libdrone, Alan Jobe, My Creative Friend, My Bear!

  1. Beautiful post. He will be missed.

  2. Michelle, I am also in tears. Thank-you for writing this eloquent piece – maybe Alan was at your elbow as you wrote it!

  3. Lovely tribute to a lovely man, Michelle. Thanks so much for sharing! x

  4. Thank you for this great post Michelle.

  5. A Very Nice Tribute Michelle. May Alan RIP and be remembered for all of the good he brought to others.

  6. Thanks Michelle. Even a day later it still seems surreal to me.

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