Lindsey Lohan Turns Down Rehab, Wants to Be Public Spokesperson for Drunk Driving!

Actress Lindsay Lohan. Photo by Rafael Amado D...
Actress Lindsay Lohan. Photo by Rafael Amado Deras. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, that is right! Ms. Lohan turned down a deal with the Santa Monica prosecutors to not do Rehab, “I don’t have a problem”.  But she wants to be a public spokesperson for not driving and drinking. Get Real Ms. Lohan, you do have a problem and you are not someone who should be doing any type of publicity about not drinking and driving since you have done it many times and now are facing jail.

I have not commented on her craziness of late, but she needs help.  Do you hear me Ms. Lohan, you are losing your home that you and your Mom have in New York, your Los Angeles home was also taken away because you couldn’t pay the rent. You owe the IRS back taxes and the state of California.  Wake Up! Your drug use and drinking have gotten you here.  No one but you is responsible for lying to the police about driving. You did it.

Your terrible acting in Liz and Dick was done by you, no one else and you are to be held accountable for why you can not get a job in the Film Industry. Showing up late, not showing up, what do you expect? A Red Carpet? Forget it you are not eligible anymore.  You have lost that ticket because of your bad behavior. No one wants to work with you except the Porn Industry.

When someone has a problem drinking or doing drugs they need help. Ms. Lohan does need help, but she belongs in jail this time. No get out of jail card this time. You have lost all of your chances and you keep hurting others beside yourself.  Sober up in Jail, that is what anyone else would get and you deserve to be there this time.

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