Excellent article on Twitter, which many of us use daily. Wonderful points from my friend Detlev. Enjoy and have fun on Twitter

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The typical Twitter problem

You have a Twitter account, a lot great ideas but not enough people listen – or follow – your posts. So you might want to get more followers easy. At least you need to know the best strategy to grow the amount of people on your account.

Things you can do

First at all you need to create valuable content. A fair mix out of conversations, links to your other websites or blogs and ReTweets of people you follow. But this might not be the fastest way to get famous on twitter in a short time.

You might think about to Advertise, run a contest, Guest blogging, video or other. Here are some wonderful  great ideas, tips and hints.

How To Get Twitter Followers

How to get Twitter followers at thesocialmediaguide.com

At the Website the SocialMedia guide is a post you should have an eye on…

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  1. Good tips to share!

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