Used Copiers May Contain Your Vital Information, and You Won’t Know It.

This will open your eyes to a problem that many of us didn’t even know about. Now that you do, what can you do about it?  Your information may have been shared with someone via a copier and now it is on its way to a foreign country. Identity thieves can have a heyday.




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  1. I had no idea this was possible

    1. I didn’t either, that is why I posted it to help us become informed.

  2. That is a frightening fact but makes sense. We all have to keep this in mind and be so careful.

  3. Another privacy thing to worry about! AARGH.

  4. Valari Anne says:

    I, too, had no idea that this was going on. The industry has done a completely inadequate job of informing the public. With all the concern over identity theft these days I’m sure the majority of people would take steps to secure their copiers if they had known that this situation existed. It should be a fairly simple matter for them to figure out a way to wipe the hard drive when you’re done with the copier. And it shouldn’t cost extra either, it should be automatically included with the software.

    1. I agree, this should be automatic, but until it is introduced as a mandatory law it won’t happen.

  5. I actually posted this to Facebook yesterday after I found out. It’s very scary stuff. My husband’s specialty is Information security, and so I sent him the link and am awaiting his response. I thought it was interesting that the option to NOT have the hard drive store information cost businesses $500 more. IMHO, it should be a built in feature.

    1. There may need to be laws enacted that make it mandatory for the copier makers to put this software into the copier.

  6. annettapowellonline says:

    In fact this has been happening for years and most no one is interested in implementing the precautions. This video is a short version of the original one and if you get a chance to watch the full 45 minute one, we would not be using these kind of machines anymore.

    This is sick. To save few hundred dollars, the makers are putting the privacy of the users.

    1. Yes Annetta, you are so right. I just wanted to get up and go to that warehouse and pull all of those hard drives and wipe them clean myself. This just looks like a dumping ground for our information to go to the gangsters who can exploit it.

  7. Quite an eye-opener. Obviously some serious consideration needs to be given to security protocols when disposing of *any* electronic equipment. I like the suggestion above about a menu item for completely erasing the hard drive. It would have to be a secure erase, not just a deletion of documents, making it impossible to reconstruct the information. Another admittedly smaller issue is ensuring that the last image is wiped from the drum.

    1. Excellent suggestions Mark, I can see protocols being developed just from the wonderful comments to this story. Now we need to develop legislation forcing the copier companies to do this in the interest of privacy.

  8. simonhamer says:

    Reblogged this on Simon Hamer and commented:
    Seen this before, but it is well worthy repeating the problem still exists.

    1. Thank you Simon for your assistance in getting the word out.

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