I’m a Daddy and I Know It – Just Had to Share This

One of my relatives just shared this link on Facebook and I had to share this with my readers, it is wonderful. If you have children, you can so relate and if you have twins or triplets, you can truly relate.


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  1. eavdailytips says:

    I’m very Happy to have just 1 Daughter (21 years already) Hihaaaaaa 🙂

    1. You must admit he is having fun with his children.

      1. eavdailytips says:

        Yes I know! whahaaa.. If I was 20 years Younger…..

      2. My daughter is 27 and I remember lifting her with my legs and using her to get back into shape.

      3. eavdailytips says:

        Yeah! I love that memorie’s too Michelle! Kids 🙂

  2. This is indeed a fun video. 🙂

  3. detart says:

    I’m so happy to have only 2 of this wonderful little “monsters”. And – YES – I know this fences in the living room….

  4. I’m a Mum to 8 yr old twin girls and the thought of another multiple pregnancy was enough for me to close the door – what a great video and a cute little family!

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