My Friend Alan loves to take 3 words and put them together and write about them. This week he has 3 great ones Caliche, Ceviche, and Zinnias. I hope you enjoy this post, I did.

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Many, many moons ago as a freshman at LSU in Baton Rouge I took an introductory geology course.   I remember really struggling to sort out all of the epics and eras,  although the names for all of the various sorts of rocks were no picnic either.   I also took several years of high school Spanish,  but I don’t recall in either of those classes ever coming across the word caliche, which is a type of sedimentary rock formed of calcium carbonate.    I probably never saw any caliche in Louisiana or here in Washington,  though I’m given to understand that it is common in states like Kansas and Wyoming.

Another word borrowed from the Spanish that I have been much more familiar with is ceviche.   Ceviche is a dish with raw fish that is marinated in an acidic juice,  often lime or lemon.    I remember reading…

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  1. maryehaight says:

    That makes it tough for search engines, doesn’t it – I will have to see how he stitched this one together;) Thanks Michelle!

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