Saving the Whales a New Perspective

Many of you may know that I am very committed to saving our oceans and protecting the environment. I tweet to protect the dolphins in the cove in Japan to stop the killing of the innocent creatures  and the whales. There is now a new film out  that I want to share with you that is very powerful.

This is a wonderful short film please take a few minutes to watch.Sil van der Woerd and Rutger Hauger have put this together with the Sea Shepherd to stop the killing the whales.  Here is the Link

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  1. BRAVO! Thank you for sharing this, Michelle. I posted the link to Cyber Whale Warriors at and spread it around. Keep up the great work!

    1. You are most welcome Holise, This is such a great film

  2. It is so amazing to see so many great folks getting involved with this cause. I am confident that soon this will just be an ugly image from the past.

    1. I hope so Harold, I love all of the sea creatures and man needs to let them be.

  3. That was a powerful piece, thanks for sharing. I hope we see an end to cruelties that use culture as an excuse.

    1. Thank you Mary, I too hope we see this ending soon.

  4. Wonderful film

  5. Tereza Litsa says:

    Great video! Keep up with your commitment!

  6. Beautiful…. WOW

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