This is a great article about Social Media Missions on Empire Ave, but also about DES and raising Awareness about this drug given to women to avoid miscarriage. This is the drug that keeps on giving. I’m Rebloging this post to help bring more awareness.

Empire Avenue Tips

des daughterGreg Gazin has published another article on the Troy Media website about Empire Avenue.  The  article, Social media “missions” extend reach for social causes, focuses on the UK husband-and-wife team, Dom and Domino, known as DES Daughter and  the crusade to raise awareness of Diethylstilbestrol (DES).

The article reports, “They found that missions could increase transactions, tweets, re-tweets, likes, and comments etc., across social platforms which in turn could help them achieve better ranking in keyword and search results and across other platforms. Furthermore, the mission exercise could not only help their cause, but also help them learn more and be better at social media.”

The article also goes into specific tactics Dom and Domino have used to improve the effectiveness of missions.

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  1. DES Daughter says:

    Thank you Michelle xx

    1. You are most welcome Dom, Thank you for stopping by.

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