Here is a great article written by a friend on Writing A Story and how to get a fresh idea. I think if you are writer, you will enjoy it. I did.

Storytelling Pro

Writing a story doesn’t have to be difficult. Often times the first step is getting a fresh idea. Fresh ideas however can be hard to create. Where does one actually start?

The best way to start a story is to dig deep into your mind. Everyone has a story in them, they just have to be willing to believe it’s good enough for an audience. So now, it’s time to close your eyes and visualize your story.

Think of it as a form of meditation. You’re basically meditating until an idea comes to you. Instead of just letting the idea come to you, try thinking of something that you can actually write about. Perhaps its a novel that inspired you to write your own story? Maybe an event happened to you in your life that inspired an idea?

When I was in Montana, I was attacked by a Dog that…

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