Sometimes things happen to good people and we have a friend in need in Japan who went to the cove to help a film crew. He was arrested. Please read this post to understand how easy it can happen.

Empire Avenue Tips

michael-q-toddHey guys, one of our fellow EAvers, Michael Q Todd has been arrested and is begin held in a Japanese prison.

Michael was visiting Taiji, Japan on Sunday September 16th, location of the imfamous killing cove where thousands of dolphins and whales are brutally captured and slaughtered every year. He was hired an interpreter for a Canadian documentary.

Michael was asked by police to produce his passport and apparently his visa had run out. He was in the process of trying to get his visa extended and because the paper work has been misplaced by the Japanese Government and he had no documents, the police arrested him.

Michael is in serious need of legal help!

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