More information about the Dolphin Hunt in Japan and why this must stop. Sept 1 is just the beginning of this tragedy. Our outrage must be felt by Japan.    Copy and past  on your tweets trending the hastag   #dolphins #dolphinsloveus  #TheCove #Taiji  is the twitter hashtag that we are using to tweet quick messages to force Japan to stop the killing.

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Stop DolphinSlaughter in Taiji Taiji is regarded as the spiritual home of Japan‘s whaling industry. The first hunts took place in the early 1600s, according to the town’s whaling museum, but the industry went into decline after the introduction of a global ban on commercial whaling in 1986. The town, a six-hour train ride from Tokyo, is dotted with restaurants serving whale and dolphin sashimi and cetacean iconography appears on everything from the pavements and bridge balustrades to road tunnels and a wind turbine. Yet in other respects it does not have the feel of a town that takes pride in its traditions. Last week’s pilot whale cull was conducted in inlets shielded on three sides by steep cliffs and dense undergrowth to deter campaigners and journalists. Barriers have been hastily erected along coastal paths that run through publicly owned land. Local fishermen point out that the dolphins…

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  1. I have read about this and think it’s totally inhumane and should be stopped!!! In my teenage years living in Orlando worked for Sea World and was in awe of not only the beauty of these mammals, but the brilliance too! I wanted to go to college to become a Marine Biologist, but met and fell in love with my husband while working there and things went on a different track. This is definitely a subject we need to know about even though it’s devastating to read and see what is happening in other countries to these beautiful creatures.

  2. I agree about the stopping of this practice and have watched some documentaries on it… I don’t see the share buttons however to share this…

  3. So sad. How can men do this? I’ll never understand. It’s like the baby seal slaughter – so much blood shed and violence to a peaceful species.

  4. This is outrageous and needs to be stopped.

  5. Danielle Dp says:

    To read this is to increase our awareness of this issue. Hopefully, the word will spread…

  6. Nadine Hack says:

    Thank you for drawing attention to this important issue. Only with awareness is change possible. I

    1. It is my hope that as people learn the details they will take steps to sign the petition and call the Japanese Embassy in their area and help stop this terrible hunt and protect their people.

  7. I could hardly read the article. I am horrified. And the photos are just shocking. If we are to do one thing to help stop the slaughter, what should it be?

    1. We must communicate to the Japanese Consulates and let them know we are watching and to President Obama. He has power to stop it.

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