Very clever use of 3 words that I had to share from a friend on Empire Ave. Read and enjoy.

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I thought about using an image of pizza today.   Given the words assigned it would have been an obvious choice and in fact I have lots of pizza pictures on file.   But at length I decided that would be just too easy,  too unimaginative.   I can’t honestly say just what the foods on the platter at the left are.   There appears to be a wedge of cheese that might be roquefort and some slices of sausage that may be mortadella.  But by and large looking at this tray of food leaves me scratching my head.  (Just a reminder,  the images in each of these posts are chosen from the image search results for the day’s three words.)

And what can I say about headsets?   I used to have a pair of purple headphones.   They worked just fine for a while,  and then one day…

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  1. Gabriele says:

    I love the platter. Looks healthy and hmmmm I am getting hungry. 🙂

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