Avon is providing a change in poverty in South Africa. Please read this new study that shows how a company can create good.This post was written by my friend Gaye Crispin.

Gaye Crispin's Blog

“Avon Calling” for South Africa’s Jobless

Cosmetics giant Avon has helped lift South African women out of poverty, according to a new survey.

Oxford University conducted a three year studyon women working for the company in South Africa and uncovered some positive outcomes. The door-to-door beauty sales firm is providing women in South Africa with a route out of poverty, the academic study indicates.

“Trade union estimates say black women in South Africa earn an average of 1,200 rand (£94) a month, while white women earn 9,600 rand and white men around 19,000 rand. The Oxford research included surveys with 300 black Avon representatives and 77 customers, plus interviews with Avon’s management, representatives and consumers.

It found Avon representatives’ income put them in the top half of black women in their communities, and brought them in line with what a black South African man earns. Avon representatives with 16 months or…

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