Please take a minute and watch this important documentary about the subject of Female Genitalia Mutilation.


 Bristol vs FGM

Bristol’s award-winning film ‘Silent Scream’ tackles FGM

A Bristol-based charity, Integrate Bristol, has helped a group of 27 young women produce the award-winning drama documentary ‘Silent Scream which won the category of Young Voice award at First Light Awards recently in London.


Sign the Appeal  for a worldwide ban  by the United Nations General Assembly on Female Genital Mutilation

Integrate Bristol 

The film, ‘Silent Scream,’ was produced by Integrate Bristol, a charity working with, and for, children and young people who have come to Britain from other countries and cultures.

The charity was formed to help these children and young people with integration and adaptation. 

Integrate Bristol helped 27 young women from Bristol make a movie designed to raise awareness of FGM, and also to campaign against  FGM within their community.

Silent Scream – Trailer


Sign the Appeal  for…

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