Enjoy this cute blog post from a dog’s prospective. You will enjoy it.

Teagan Times

Now, my mum’s a little bit ancient and she was telling me about this thing they used to call the “Green Cross Code” back when she was a little girl at school. Whenever we cross a road now I usually have to sit and wait but she thinks I should learn how to do cross safely. So, I’ve been practising my “Green Cross Code”.

We did one of our usual walks this morning and got to the spot where we have to go from the field and onto the bridle path. No cars around and, thanks to a fallen tree, no horses either… so a good place to practise. So, pay attention. Here goes.

And if all is clear…

Don’t run, just go carefully and keep looking and listening as you cross… you shouldn’t really jump either, but I was crossing a fence and had to jump to get over…

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