Children Are Being Killed. Who is Watching Out for the Children?

Image by t3hWIT via Flickr

The News is reporting that toddlers are missing and children are dying! No children are being killed and being chopped up and beheaded by strangers and babysitters and I’m sick to my stomach at the inhumanity of this brutality.

What has happened to our society that we are murdering our innocents! Why are the most innocent being killed by strangers, babysitters and their parents? Is our society so stressed that no one will step up and help?

When I hear a child crying I cringe knowing that he/she is unhappy, but that something or someone may not be treating that child correctly.  We also know that children can be manipulative with parents if parents do not have good parenting techniques and then parents become overwhelmed.

What are we as a society to do to protect these children?  We must pay close attention to warning signs about these children who are at risk.  We must look for children who might become a statistic.  I know I have written about this before, but the crimes are becoming more brutal.

Before Christmas a father threw his daughter out of his car in her car seat into a river and she died. A little toddler disappeared in Maine and now police think the child is dead. A nine-year old little girl was murdered by her babysitter who was watching her and her two sisters while her mother was sick with the flu for a week.

All of this makes me sick. I want to know where was Child Protective in each of these cases? Where were the neighbors in each of these cases? Didn’t anyone think these children were at risk? Didn’t these parents give off warning signals.

We must start to be more vigilant in caring about our children and we must take more care to prosecute these crimes so that the people who kill children suffer to the full extent of the law.


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