New Year, New You or What You Want to Be?

January 3, 2012 the first day back to work for many people, and for many a new resolution to go about this year as a new person or someone you want to be.

We all start the year off with good intentions, and then many times they fade from our memory. But if you write down what you want in your life and post it on your refrigerator and look at it every day, do you think you will make a change?

Most of us need to be reminded of what we want to be or wish to be, and reminders on the refrigerator, or the bathroom mirror, or on a kitchen cabinet with help us be true to our goals.

Having a calendar and charting out when you want to carry out things and then backing up and setting time periods for those steps to reach those goals will help you.

We all must take baby steps to reach the goals of  life.  Yes things will happen and we will stop or be detoured, but if we keep on our quest, we will get there.

When I was in high school, I wanted to go to college, but I was from a family with five children and no way to pay for it.  But I sat down with a teacher and we looked at scholarships that were available and then I met with my counselor, we developed a plan.  I had always been a good writer, and Journalism was something that had always appealed to me.

With the help of the Journalism teacher, I moved up as one of the school newspaper editors, then I applied to be a high school teen news correspondent  for a major newspaper, then I applied to the second newspaper in our city and was accepted.  Soon I was writing for both. My clips started adding up.  It didn’t happen over night, but I kept at it over the year and went to the Journalism Day for our high school.

By my senior year, I was interviewing celebrities who came into our community and I was getting more experience at feature writing and in-depth articles.  When our school when to the Journalism Day at one of the colleges that year, I entered a newswriting contest at the insistence of my Journalism teacher.

I chose to write on the luncheon speaker and not the handout that was given to us, and that made all the difference in the contest.  He was on of my favorite writers from one of the newspapers, I wrote for as a teen news editor, and I followed his speech that day and took notes.

Evidently, I was the only one who did, and I won the contest.  I applied for a Journalism Scholarship given by the Oklahoma Gridiron Association. (At the time, no women were members)  I remember the night of the interview, when the “Question” came.

“Why did I want to enter Journalism? It is a male dominated field. “

The answer was simple to me, a 17 year-old girl who had just won the news writing contest, I answered “Because, I can write as good as any man”.

They all laughed at my bravado, but I guess I had a sense of innocence as well. I didn’t know about the fighting between the sexes, I just wanted to write.

I won the Scholarship, and that allowed me to go to college and I applied every year and had the scholarship for 3 years until I did not need it my senior year and I allowed others to apply.

We create our new Year, and New You and what we want to be! I did and I have recreated myself several times in my career when it was needed to support my family. Times are tough, but we can do it if we think we can!


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