Iraq War is Over, Soldiers Will be Home For Christmas!

Soldiers from 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment con...
Image via Wikipedia Last Soldiers from U.S. leave Iraq.

Families have mixed emotions watching the news these days, as they see many soldiers coming home from Iraq with the announcement that the war is over.  Yes, we are glad, but we all have mixed emotions about what will happen now?

Will Iraq remain free for its people?  Will Iran rush in and take over? Will the lives lost be worth it? Many young American and Iraq men, women and children died these many years, was it worth this tremendous toll?  It is too early to write those words.

We will have to wait a few more years and see whether Iraq can stay a free nation and keep its freedom for its people.

Our families who have lost fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, they are asking if the price paid was worth it?  The loss of a loved one is such a great price and one that has no cost to compare.

My heart is saddened to know that many families must go through the holidays without their loved ones, but we must also know that the Iraq people do not have a monster of a dictator ruling over them and torturing them as they did for many years.


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