Penn State Students Will Wear Blue To Honor Victims– Hey They Woke UP!

Last night on HLN it was announced that Penn State Students will wear blue on Saturday to honor the Victims of Jerry Sandusky during the Football Game with Nebraska. All I can say is IT IS ABOUT TIME THEY WOKE UP!

The riot that the country observed the other night was about a bunch of spoiled kids showing their anger over the trustees doing the right thing by firing Paterno and the school president.  These Penn State Students should march on Jerry Sandusky’s home and shout outside of his home all night.

Contributions raised on Saturday for victims of child abuse should be diverted to this victims of Jerry Sandusky who will be in therapy for many years as they fight depression and addiction issues because of what he did to them.

The abuse brought on to these poor boys by this coach was unthinkable and there is no one who can ever begin to think what the parents and the boys are going through with the aftermath that he has given to them.

It is about time that Penn State Woke UP and the rest of the Colleges around this country to the abuse that can happen.  I do not believe in putting coaches on pedestals.  They are men and human.  We all make mistakes and yes we can all be forgiven for those mistakes.  But turning your backs on children being abused is not one mistake that I can forgive too easily.

Children are defenseless and they need to be protected. I keep asking myself, why that young man who is now an assistant coach didn’t tackle Jerry Sandusky in the shower and put that little boy in an ambulance right then and call the police.   I just get angry thinking about how he could have protected that little boy and he didn’t.  Well none of them did, so I have no forgiveness now for any of them.  Maybe in a few years, but not now.

My heart goes out to those parents and those boys who need help and therapy to overcome this abuse.


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