Penn State Resignations Should Have Come Long Ago!


Last night the Penn State Trustees asked for the Resignation of the President of the College, Graham Spanier, and the revered head football coach, Joe Paterno.  All of this over the allegations of child sexual abuse from an assistant coach who abused little boys in the campus locker room several years ago.  The main question is why weren’t the police notified when the report was given by a young man who alerted his coach with what he saw?

You would think this would have been a major RED FLAG to Joe Paterno and the President of the College if a CRIME was being Committed on their grounds to Call the POLICE!!!

But no, they swept it under the rug and allowed this pedophile to continue to abuse more little boys with his”foundation” and there wasn’t anyone protecting the CHILDREN.  That is the question at hand here and that is why the Trustees took such drastic steps to  force the President and Paterno out and off of the campus.

Think about this for one moment.  A crime happens on your campus.  Do you do anything to stop it?  Do you just turn your back and walk away?  What do you do if you are the most visible football coach in college history?  Of course you report it to your superiors, but you should also report it to the POLICE!!!

Mandatory Reporting Laws call for it!!  Children need to be protected and the protection didn’t happen and 9 young boys were victims from the assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, who was indicted on 40 counts of sexual abuse.

Penn State Students may have rioted on campus last night, but they need to remember, this is not about FOOTBALL, it is about the ABUSE of CHILDREN!!   Children who were not protected and were the Victims!


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