Conrad Murray Trial Continues to Mount Evidence Against Him

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The Coroner who did Michael Jackson’s autopsy was on the stand yesterday and he testified that it would be impossible for Michael Jackson to give himself an injection of Propofol because of his intoxicated state.

The Los Angeles County coroner ruled that Jackson’s June 25, 2009, death was from “acute propofol intoxication” in combination with several sedatives, according to the story today.

I do not think Conrad Murray has any chance of making it out of this trial without a  conviction because they did not find propofol in Michael Jackson’s stomach, or his throat, stating he did not drink it and someone had indicated.  If he had injected it, it would not have acted in two minutes to kill him.  But the overdose and the other sedatives given to Michael Jackson was enough to kill him.

Without any proper monitoring or alarms on Michael Jackson, it is very clear that Conrad Murray should never have stepped away from his patient.  The phone records of Conrad Murray show he was on the phone for longer than two minutes.

His police statements do not add up, his ER statements do not even give the physicians trying to treat Michael Jackson the right information to know what sedatives he gave him.  He told the ER doctors nothing to help them that day.

It is becoming very clear that Conrad Murray was incompetent in this case and should be found guilty.


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  1. autismfamily says:

    I am watching daily every afternoon on HLN. I am about 7 minutes from downtown and have contemplated going down there – maybe towards the end of the trial.

    1. I’m not that close, but I would love to have a first hand knowledge of what it was like. I know there are only 6 who get in each day. You have to get there very early. Thanks for coming bye.

  2. jenneandrews says:

    you might want to correct your headline– you have trail rather than trial.

    It has not been proven or shown that Murray gave Jackson a lethal dose of propofol. He gave him one shot on that day of 25 mgs, manually, no IV drip of it on that day. I believe he is most likely to have died from propofol infusion syndrome, which you can read about on my blog. I wish the trial were on today! best j

    1. Thanks Jenne,
      I blog so early, sometimes, I make mistakes and spell checks don’t catch. I will read your blog. Thanks for coming bye.

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