A Sink Full of Green Tomatoes – 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking – Mark Hunter

This video was taken at the International Toastmaster’s Convention in 2009 where Mark Hunter won the World Championship of Public Speaking.  I was thrilled to hear that Mark had won, I had seen him in person in Phoenix several years ago, and he came in third.  I thought then, that he should have been first, but that was not to be that year, but it was to be  his in 2009.

His message in this short 5-7 minute speech is one that I think will lift everyone this Monday.  We have so much around us that brings us down, but Mark who has faced a life changing accident and came through it at age 22, looks at how love can change the world.


Lindsey Lohan In Handcuffs Again, Does She Care???

If you missed it, poor Lindsey was in court again yesterday, and yes her probation was revoked from her because she has not been performing her community service at the Women’s Center on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.  It appears she failed to show nine times, and maybe showed up twice for an hour or two, or maybe less and decided it wasn’t fulfilling for her, so she quit.

Seems poor Lindsey now wants to dictate to the court where she goes and what she wants to do for her community service and had found a Red Cross she was “volunteering” for in the LA area.  Her bail was set at $100,000 and L.A. County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lohan that if she wanted to mitigate any further punishment, she should complete 16 hours of community service at the county coroner’s office between now and her Nov. 2 probation violation hearing. (That’s about two weeks away)

Read more: http://www.windsorstar.com/news/Lindsay+Lohan+taken+away+handcuffs+after+probation+revoked/5574999/story.html#ixzz1bKrG5r8R

You would think that the court system in Los Angeles would wake up and realize this girl is playing them for all she is worth.  She knows she can get out of jail with a bond, and that the jail is not going to keep her for any length of time, so she is out within hours.  No problem for Lindsey, in and out, the jail door swings again!!

The problem with all Lindsey’s antics is she is not getting any drug treatment and her behavior is getting worse.  She needs inpatient treatment and a court-ordered half-way house or residential treatment for over a year.  Not one where she wears a bracelet and gets tested.  We know that doesn’t work with her and she doesn’t care.  One where she is shipped off to Utah or Idaho where there is no plane to hop on and jet over to Europe and get plastered.

Drastic measures to save Lindsey’s life is what is needed and I hope that someone steps up soon, or we will be having another celebrity funeral soon.

In California, Oct. 16 is Steve Jobs Day

To honor the man who was one of our greatest inventor’s.  He created a corporation that helped many of us everyday with its products.

Occupy Wall Street needs to wake up and realize without great inventors and great spirit like Steve Jobs we would have no progress in our country and there would be no jobs for anyone!

Conrad Murray Trial Continues to Mount Evidence Against Him

Michael Jackson, cropped from Image:Michael Ja...

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The Coroner who did Michael Jackson’s autopsy was on the stand yesterday and he testified that it would be impossible for Michael Jackson to give himself an injection of Propofol because of his intoxicated state.

The Los Angeles County coroner ruled that Jackson’s June 25, 2009, death was from “acute propofol intoxication” in combination with several sedatives, according to the CNN.com story today.

I do not think Conrad Murray has any chance of making it out of this trial without a  conviction because they did not find propofol in Michael Jackson’s stomach, or his throat, stating he did not drink it and someone had indicated.  If he had injected it, it would not have acted in two minutes to kill him.  But the overdose and the other sedatives given to Michael Jackson was enough to kill him.

Without any proper monitoring or alarms on Michael Jackson, it is very clear that Conrad Murray should never have stepped away from his patient.  The phone records of Conrad Murray show he was on the phone for longer than two minutes.

His police statements do not add up, his ER statements do not even give the physicians trying to treat Michael Jackson the right information to know what sedatives he gave him.  He told the ER doctors nothing to help them that day.

It is becoming very clear that Conrad Murray was incompetent in this case and should be found guilty.

Remembering Steve Jobs In His Own Words From Stanford Commencement

After learning of Steve Job’s passing yesterday, it is only right that I post this video of his own words from 2005 where he tells college graduates how to grab onto life.  We should all have his zeal and live each day the way Steve Jobs did and leave contributions for those in our lives.

Many of us use what Steve Jobs created daily.  I love my music and gave an I-pod to my daughter as a Christmas present several years ago.  She has held on to that I-pod and takes it with her everywhere.

I pray that Steve Job’s family will find their way in the next few months without him.  He will leave a huge void for most of us, but one too large to imagine for his family.  Rest in peace Steve and make heaven brighter now that you are there.

Bevy of Beauties May Sink Defense in Conrad Murray Trial

Death certificate for Michael Jackson, release...

Michael Jackson's Death Certificate Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday, the jury in the Conrad Murray trial was witness to three of Conrad Murray’s extra marital women. One testified that she was on the phone with Murray, when she heard coughing and people talking, but it seemed the phone was in Murray’s pocket and he had stopped talking.

Could that have been the exact time, that Michael Jackson was dying?  That will be the question on the jury’s mind as they prepare to hear more taped testimony today about what Conrad Murray told the police.  They will also hear an expanded version of the call he taped from Michael Jackson on his phone.

If Conrad Murray was on the phone to one of his “women” while Michael was fighting for his last breath, then it will be all she wrote.  The exact time of death is the question in this trial.  Murray lied to the paramedics when they arrived saying that Michael Jackson had only been down a few minutes, but they said his eyes were fixed and that Michael had no pulse.

The paramedics testified last week that Michael’s body was cool to the touch and his eyes were dry.  Not exactly what they would find for a person who had just coded.  This week the ER doctor has testified that they could not find a pulse on Michael Jackson when he came to the ER.

Conrad Murray did not want anyone to stop their attempts at revival, he wanted the ER doctors and the paramedics to continue CPR for as long as possible.  Could it be that Murray knew Michael was dead, but couldn’t admit it?

Conrad Murray’s character is not on trial, but his care for his patient is and did he show that he cared for Michael, by stepping out of the room and making many calls?  Shouldn’t he have been in the room, watching Michael’s breathing?

He did not have any machines with an alarm on Michael Jackson, like there are in the hospitals for when a patient stop breathing, so why did Conrad Murray step out?  Those questions are at the heart of the prosecution case.  Not to mention the use of the drug that killed Michael Jackson.

I’m glad that Michael’s mother left the country and took his children to a concert to honor Michael.  I’m sure they needed to remember the good things about their father, and just take a break from this terrible trial.  As this trial continues, we will see more come out about Michael’s condition, and what Conrad Murray did or didn’t do to save Michael Jackson’s life.