Conrad Murray Trail Takes Up the Airwaves At Night!

The M. Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of...
Michael Jackson's Star on the Walk of Fame- following his death Image via Wikipedia

If you were out of the country the last few days, then you may not be aware that the Conrad Murray trial has begun in Los Angeles about the death of Michael Jackson and if he was negligent in  causing Michael’s  death.

Each night here in Los Angeles and during the day, the television news stations are there from sun-up until close of court each day.  If you thought the Casey Anthony trial was big, then you haven’t seen how big this trial is.

Nightly, we hear what the highlights were in court, and the sadness of his children seeing their father dying (dead) on his bed in his bedroom in their home. ( I say dying or dead because that is the bone of contention by some of the witnesses scheduled today, the paramedics will take the stand)

Yesterday, we learned from the body-guard, that Dr. Murray was doing CPR with one hand and giving orders with the other.  Most of us who have taken CPR courses know that you always use both hands, and you have the patient on a flat hard-surfaced, not a bed, but Dr. Murray was giving CPR on a bed.

Just hearing  that the doctor was giving CPR on the bed, made me question whether this cardiologist knew what he was doing giving CPR to Michael Jackson.  Most of my doctors, I would hope know how to administer CPR and if they don’t then I do not feel they are good doctors.

In a life-saving profession like medicine, it is required to have CPR training routinely, but yet after the testimony yesterday, it seems that Dr. Murray missed his routine training. This is mandated by several commissions that authorize hospitals to run and grant licenses.

Having to work during the day, I can only see the tweets from the local news crew, and it is frightening to see some of what is  coming out each day.  The bodyguard said yesterday, that Dr. Murray wanted help in putting the medical bottles away in a bag.  He didn’t want the Ambulance staff to see these in the room. (Makes you wonder what he was doing? Was he taking care of Michael or himself?)

This trial is for the greatest singer our generation has known in the music business and most of us grew up with Michael and the family on television.  We felt like we lost a member of the family when he died.  I do not know how much of what Michael Jackson did or how his own drug use contributed to his death, but I’m sure that will come out in the next few weeks.

My sympathy is for his family that they must hear some of these terrible things that the doctor did or didn’t do.  His children will always remember that day no matter what they do for the rest of their life.  May there be some peace for them when this trial is over.


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