The Role of Nurses in Natural Disasters & Pandemics Reviewed

Oklahoma City
Image via Wikipedia- OKC Memorial

This morning, I want you to take a moment and check out this link about how nurses deal with the sick and injured in time of crisis.

As someone who was in Oklahoma City when the we had the bombing, nurses and doctors risked their lives to rush to the bombing site and treat victims.

No one stopped and thought about their benefits or whether their union would want them to rush there, they did it.  I don’t think that was on anyone’s mind.

The above article talks about a new movie dealing with a pandemic and how it states there were no nurses because they were on strike.

This does happen in the state of California and it happened just a few weeks ago, but for only 3 days and many of the facilities knew ahead of time and had replacements to cover for the short time period.

It is very much like Hollywood to paint everyone with a broad brush and I am sorry they did so in this movie, Contagion.  Every nurse I have ever met has been dedicated and committed to the care of their patient, and this does get overlooked in Hollywood.

Don;t believe everything in the movies, it is after only a movie!



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