Watching Toddlers & Tiaras, These Moms Need To Be Watched by Child Protective!

Last night, my adult daughter and I were watching the Toddlers & Tiaras show and we could not believe this one mother who was convincing herself that her daughter had an alter ego, called Darla, who came on stage and took over for her daughter, whose name was Carla.

I was astounded at this mother who dyed her daughter’s hair while Carla is saying she wants it brown, and the mother is not listening.  The mother is continuing to push this child into doing pageants when this child doesn’t want to do them, she wants to stop, but the mother is ignoring her daughter, Carla and just pushing past any of her requests.

The most frightening part was this little girl, was actually exhibiting signs of a dual personality, not an alter ego, when the little girl says, “Carla is in the car, Darla is here” The mother just continues to allow this behavior and encourages it, instead of noticing that her daughter doesn’t want to do pageants, and she is escaping with this other personality.

I almost wish Dr. Phil had watched this program so he could see it or Dr. Drew, because it was appalling that this mother is completely ignoring her daughter’s personality and making her into another image like the mother.  You even here the mother say that during the program.

The Mom whose daughter paraded like Pretty Woman has decided to take a break from the show and give her daughter some time to be a little girl.  I was so glad to hear that, because these children are being pushed to be something they are not, and that is a model of a doll and not a little girl.


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  1. GhostRider says:

    These Moms Need To Be Watched by a government agency????? Are you for real? This is the most absurd and ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, if I had watched the program, I don’t doubt that I too would have felt the sympathy, compassion, and any other emotion that you felt, but like they say, thems the breaks.

    There are countless kids that have to practice the piano 1 to 8 hrs a day, or go to ballet class everyday, or join little league baseball, football, soccer, or study 1 to 8hrs a day, or run for student council, or go to religious services when they clearly realize that a God doesn’t exist and can not buy into the insanity, or a million other things their parents insist on BUT given the choice, would not even invest a minute to even “taste” and see if they like.

    Some of those kids will grow up hating those endeavors and disconnect as soon as their personalities can forcefully say, “NO MORE JELLO MOM”, and that precise age is not a given for all kids. And some of those kids will grow up to be famous pianists, ballet dancers, or millionaire athletes, or governors, ministers, or a Miss America or Bill Gates. Some kids will never have to go thru any of the gruel I mention and will have everything in life they wanted and yet grow up distant from their parents cause all they wanted to hear was, I Love You, from them but never did.

    Government Agencies are meant for getting a kid out of an abusive situation – and even at that, they fail miserably much too often – not for getting a kid outta having to go to church on Sundays cause he doesn’t want to go.

    The reality is that, good or bad, our lives are composed of what is dealt to us and as we age, composed of the choices we make.


    1. GhostRider,
      I just love when you stop bye to see me. I guess you missed what I was saying because she is causing a split personality in her daughter. It isn’t a simple piano practice, it is a disconnect with this child’s reality and that is my cause for alarm.

      Yes the other parts were parents giving 3 year olds energy drinks that can overwork their adrenal glands and can cause major health issues. I guess having worked in both psychiatric and medical surgical hospitals like I have, I have seen the child abuse at both extremes and yes, I’m super sensitive to a child’s feelings.

      Playing soccer or studying or religious services are not quite the same as when a child is emotionally abused or given things that are proven unhealthy for them. I love the arts and I foster children’s participation in them as long as they are enjoying them and it isn’t Mom or Dad’s dream. I do think the children need to make choices too that are healthy for them.
      Your passion is one I admire, and yes, I will protect a child first and ask questions later.

  2. GhostRider says:

    Hey Chelle, I don’t care what they say about you – You’re OK in my book! LOL

    1. GhostRider,
      Thanks , knowing that makes my day. Have a great one yourself. I haven’t been called “Chelle” in a long time.

  3. Rick Mejia says:

    These “women” I wont say mothers because no true loving mother would treat there child in such a manner!…I agree the parents should be interviewed and watched during the process by a licensed professional child therapist!…And dont fall for the hype that these people want there child to win or be, no, no, they are just trying to live out a dream of there own through there children! see it during the coaching….the mother is always showing them how to move or walk and if you look close you would think the mothers are on stage!..and dont get me started on the make up and outfits!..and to tell you the truth these kids are not attractive! THEY ARE KIDS! THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ATTRACTIVE OR SEXY! YOU PEOPLE THAT PUT YOUR CHILD THROUGH THIS KIND OF TORTURE ARE MEAN,STUPID,IGNORANT AND A POOR EXCUSE AS A PARENT! SHAME OM YOU!….i watch my daughter play soccer cause its her choice, if she wins or loses i dont care she loves it and i will support her in whatever “she” wants to do.

    1. Amen Rick, you are so right!
      Children should be children and have fun.
      When my daughter was little, she wanted to be on tv and do commercials. I took her to a children’s school in Dallas that helped children prepare for auditions. They helped them “read” the lines and “slate”, but they told them to be themselves. They helped us select good photographers to take head shots, they never said we Had to use anyone, they just said who did a good job.

      If the kids weren’t having a good time, the instructors, told the parents, to take them out of the class and take them to soccer to scouts or something they liked. If they weren’t having a good time, they shouldn’t be there.
      Children should enjoy it, or leave. It isn’t about the parents, it is about the kids having fun.

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