Dr. Phil Interview Continues Today With George & Cindy Anthony

Yes, I watched yesterday, and I must admit, Cindy did try to excuse Casey’s behavior away with three different reasons, all of which Dr. Phil showed her that none of which could be the cause of her actions.  Cindy did point out that Casey had a Grand Mal seizure  twice and even though she had been worked up in a hospital setting for 3 days, they did not find a cause for the seizure.

The second reason was Post Postpartum Schizophrenia, I know Cindy is a nurse, but she is not a mental health nurse and I think she made this one up, to try to get sympathy for Casey or some reason in her mind to explain her daughter’s behavior.

Finally Cindy hinted that maybe her daughter might have a brain tumor.  The hospital when they did their work-up for the seizures did many tests and they did not find a brain tumor, and I do not think a brain tumor exists.

What I think that Cindy and George are going to have to face is that Casey is a psychopathic liar and she has no remorse for what she did and only has feeling for herself.  It will be interesting to see that George appears to have already pieced some of the facts together, but he seems to be keeping them to himself.

He may be wanting Dr. Phil to move into these directions to help convince Cindy because George may not be able to lead Cindy there himself.  I hope that these two do find some peace when this is done, they have had their own place in hell so far.


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  1. lisa says:

    Good posting. I feel that a bit more thorough questions could have been asked. One being relative to when Cindy said Casey was taking Caylee to the park, and to play dates ( while supposedly working, hence her saying hindsight) When George and her found out that the sports authority job was a line of bs, Dr Phil should have asked when she was supposedly by her claims working there ( as she was just hanging out) who was watching Caylee at that time ? So if they were watching Caylee when she was supposedly working this lie, then why would they even think she was telling the truth prior or post this lie? These people would certainly not want me to question them.

    1. Lisa,
      Good thoughts, and I guess in hindsight, Dr. Phil probably wishes he had asked different questions. I think we all want to know why they believed these lies, but I guess we were not in their home and we can not know what was going on. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  2. misty says:

    where is the video of part 3 of interview with the anthony’s on dr phil

    1. Misty,
      I was going to video tape it at home, but forgot, I will continue to search this for you. Here is a link that will help to satisfy some of what was said. http://drlillianglass.com/body-language-blog/2011/09/21/dr-phil-interview-part-3-george-anthony-divorces-casey-cindy-defends-molestation.
      All the best.

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