Beverly Hills Housewives Airs Season Two, Should They Have Scraped It?

If you watch the Housewives show, then you know that they edited it and showed the housewives getting together and saying that none of them had a clue that Taylor’s husband, Russel Armstrong was going to take his life.

Really? This is Bravo’s sensitivity for the suicide with these women saying they didn’t have a clue?  I don’t think this group would have a clue that half of America is out of work, not to mention that many go hungry because they don’t have enough money to buy food.

This show would have done better to cancel the entire season and show respect for the children of Russell.  These society women don’t seem to understand much at all.  They only care about themselves.  I am so glad I do not take any time watching this show.

Bravo may have given itself kudos for their sensitivity, but I don’t.  Show some real truth here and scrap the whole second season. Honor Russell and his family by not bringing up his shortcoming, what good will it do?  His children and his wife would like to remember him with the good memories, not the bad ones that might be portrayed on the show.


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  1. GhostRider says:

    Bravo loves you and all other bloggers that are “advertising” Beverly Hills Housewives. I am in a related business and know that this is how it works. Its advertising and there will no doubt be people that have never seen the show that will watch because of the intrigue you have created in their minds.

    On the other hand, his children and his wife would like to remember him with the good memories, not the bad ones and at this point would like nothing better than if the bloggers would just, stop blogging about it.

    There is no crying in baseball. Can’t handle losing 50, 60 games a season, don’t play. Can’t handle millions watching any human tragedies or just embarrassing moments that might beset your family while taping, don’t put yourself into a reality show. I applaud Bravo for making the hard call to proceed instead of a penalization to the innocent shareholders with the lost of revenue.

    Life goes on.

    1. Ghostrider, I can always depend on you for your great insight. Last night on Dr. Drew they were discussing that Russell may have been murdered. Not sure about that one, but I do know that this show, may not have handled it properly. I like you, feel that his family should only have happy memories. Yes, when they signed on, I don’t think anyone thought it would be the way it became. Sally Jessie Raphel stated that she had psychiatrist on staff to make sure people could handle things, I would guess that Bravo might want to consider doing that as well.

      Thanks for stopping bye. Always thought provoking.

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